6 Innovative Ways to Increase Visibility of Digital Product Brands

Whatever you’re selling, it’s imperative that customers know your existence. The growth of e-commerce results in a great deal of competition. And going visibility is not a choice of yours anymore, it’s a must.

For digital product brands, it’s more than just creating ebooks or recording videos, setting a price, and throwing them to the e-commerce store. Since you just sell products online only, you need a strategic campaign to increase your brand awareness and provide great value for the online audience.

It’s difficult to fight for space in the massive social media feeds. The winner is not those providing the best digital products or a lower price but the ones that remain visible frequently to users.

That’s why today we’re gonna clarify to you how to increase the visibility of your digital product brands. The importance of digital product brand visibility is also brought to the table.

Let’s face it!

The Importance of Digital Product Brand Visibility

On one hand, you might invest a lot of money into building a gorgeously friendly website. At the same time, you might also put a lot of effort into creating knowledge-rich ebooks or online courses and place them on the e-commerce store.

However, these 2 factors are not enough to target the right marketing audience. The Internet has already become popular in every corner of the world. If you’re not viral on the web, your business is no other than a frog trapped in a well. Customers, who lack information about your brand, will look elsewhere to satisfy their demands.

Shoppers tend to look for brands then choosing products. In case they search for an ebook or an online course and recognize your business, the chance for them to take money out of their pocket is much higher.

It’s because they’ve borne in mind that the more visible the brand is, the better quality they provide.

Additionally, if you show up on various social platforms, you’re able to reach out to multiple customer segments. While many people search on Google every time they want to find a digital product, others prefer looking for things on Facebook or Twitter.

Once understanding the importance of online visibility of digital brands, you can keep reading to explore 6 ways to assist you in making your business and products viral to internet users.

#1. Create Great Content to Support Your Digital Products

You might not notice but 77% of internet users regularly read blog posts before paying for something, according to Impact Plus. This static proves the significance of content in educating customers.

Blogging? This common term might challenge you if you don’t have a comprehensive and strategic content strategy. Here are some tips you might find useful when creating your strategy:

  • Get to know who your target audience is, their ages, genders, interest, as well as their behaviors.
  • Research keywords and come up with topics. Not only do these keywords have high search volume but they’re also low competitive. The topics should be relevant to your brand and products too.
  • Go for an engaging writing style to keep readers stay and come back to your site.

In-depth and useful content will quickly get ranked on search engines which results in a massive amount of traffic to your blog. More visitors are equivalent to more leads and probably customers.

#2 Prioritize SEO for Your Site

Writing supportive content is not enough. You must create content-driven SEO, otherwise, it will flow somewhere on the internet and never reach your target readers. Without SEO, your content becomes effortless.

Users rarely click on results at the bottom of the first page, so you shouldn’t give your hope in blogs on the second page of search engines and lower.

To boost your digital product brand SEO, you have to:

  • Publish content consistently. It’s recommended to live 2 posts per week on your blog.
  • Each blog should focus on a target keyword. It’s required to optimize these posts with the keyword.
  • Build backlinks for your content. Google will trust your blogs more if they’re linked from authority websites.
  • Improve your site speed by reducing file sizes or using a CDN.

On top of that, don’t forget about off-site SEO referring to factors outside your site like obtaining reviews or being active on social media. They will effectively boost your online rankings too.

#3 Make Use of Social Media

Social media accounts play the key roles in taking your digital product brand up a notch. It’s estimated that each internet user has at least 2 or 3 social accounts and they spend 2.5 hours a day being active online.

This requires you to appear in their feeds frequently. You must post content every day. More importantly, the content should be on-trend in order to reach user interest.

Please notice that each platform asks for a different content style and voice. Youtube viewers expect video content while Facebookers like content with a lot of emoji. Instagram users, on the other hand, like pictures or stories.

Besides traditional content, it’s also essential for you to create a strategy for social channels. Consider running ads when you just establish the channel and want more followers immediately.

#4 Go for Cross-promotion

Cross-promotion means cooperating with other brands to promote your products. This win-win relationship will bring mutual benefits to both businesses. You cut down the burden of expense invested into the project and at the same time reach more users.

For instance, if you provide online cooking classes, you can partner with companies offering ingredients.

There are many things you can do to cross-promote your digital product brand. Before taking any action, you ought to set clear goals and choose partners wisely. Then, start creating marketing materials like co-branded landing pages, product reviews, recommendations, or social media mentions.

#5 Watermark Your Digital Products

Displaying brand name and logo on ebooks, images, and training videos, etc. makes it easy for you to spread out awareness. Customers can remember your business passively. This helps remind them the next time they plan to buy another product.

Out of the box, watermark helps prevent thieves from stealing your valuable intellectual products. How can they resell a product under another party’s name? If they try to take your digital files, they have to put a lot of effort into removing the watermark.

There are numerous WordPress plugins allowing you to add watermark to your PDF ebooks, images, and even videos. The WordPress Watermark Files plugin appears to be the best solution.

The tool enables you to place watermarks on PDF files which can be text or images with a single click. All files uploaded by your users via Ninja Forms will be automatically watermarked too.

Additionally, it’s possible for you to use the plugin to embed PDF files into your WordPress content. Instead of putting the link on the page or post, you can embed it directly there.

#6 Encourage Online Customer Reviews

Last but not least, encouraging buyers to leave reviews is one of the best ways to satisfy potential customers. Shoppers never spend money on something that they don’t know how it works.

It’s reported that 71% of future customers feel more comfortable after reading others’ feedback about the product and make purchases easier. The more good reviews you have, the higher chance that visitors trust you and you can convince them to make a decision.

Plus, if customers share the product and review it on their social media, your digital product brand will become more viral. Imagine someone takes your online gym class and shares their satisfaction on Facebook. Their friends and relatives will be definitely curious and ask for more information about the course.

To receive good reviews, not only do you have to provide quality digital products but you should also show excellent customer service. Quickly support and solve customers’ problems related to your products also help you win their hearts.

Start Getting More Eyes On Your Brand Today!

Making your brand unique and setting yourself apart from the competition is not the task that can be accomplished overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve.

There are tons of things you should do to increase your digital product visibility, from writing great and engaging content, applying SEO, making use of social media, and even watermarking your product files.

We’ve shown 6 ways to improve your digital product brand awareness along with some tips on what you should do in each solution.

Did we miss out on any method that you find effective? Simply drop us a line in the comment section below.