How to Integrate Dropbox with WordPress

Being the number one go-to content management system globally, WordPress powers a large part of the Internet. Still, at its core, it lacks a dedicated and tailored cloud service.

Over the years, in order to tackle this issue, the WordPress community has created several plugins to facilitate integration between WordPress and popular cloud services like Google Drive,, and Dropbox.

This article will be looking concisely at Dropbox and different ways it integrates with WordPress. Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services that has a lot to offer when paired with WordPress.

Different Ways You Can Integrate WordPress with Dropbox

Integrating WordPress with Dropbox to Store Images

You can use Dropbox as a storage location for images on any WordPress installation. All you have to do is upload your images directly to Dropbox instead of the default WordPress library.

With the help of a plugin, you directly access any image from the WordPress Media Library.

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One plugin with this functionality is Dropbox Photo Sideloader, which can easily be added via the WordPress Repo. Dropbox Photo Sideloader generates a direct link from your Dropbox account file server and sideloads it into any WordPress post or page you insert it into.

Here’s a step by step guide on setting it up.

Setting Up Dropbox Photo Sideloader Plugin

Step1: Install & activate the Dropbox Photo Sideloader Plugin.

Dropbox photo slideloader

Step 2: Create or edit a Post & click on the Add Media button.

add media

Step 3: Select Dropbox Images from the left tab and add in both App Key & Secret.

dropbox images

You can quickly generate an App Key & Secret from the Dropbox Developer’s Platform.

Step 4: Select an image from your Dropbox account and insert.

insert dropbox image

A paid alternative to Dropbox Photo Sideloader is Dropr which offers way more features and an active development team. It costs $19 for a single site license and can be purchased from their main website here.

Apart from Dropbox Photo Sideloader, a few other plugins like Envira Photo Gallery & Global Gallery Plugin also offer this kind of functionality.

Integrating WordPress with Dropbox for File Attachment

Apart from images, you can also attach files to your posts and pages directly from Dropbox to enable user download. This lessens the load on your server, especially when attaching large files.

Dropbox Downloader is a simple-to-use plugin to add an extra tab to your media library. It allows for attaching files & images directly from Dropbox into your posts and pages.

Dropbox drive downloader

After you install it, all you need to do is authenticate with Dropbox to grant it permission to access your files and create public URLs for your visitors.

Pricing: $16 per website license.

Integrating WordPress with Dropbox for Backup

When it comes to backing a WordPress website to Dropbox, many plugins exist with this functionality.

They all work similarly and require authenticating your Dropbox account with your WordPress server before functioning.

One awesome plugin that backups up to Dropbox for free with many premium features is UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup. It simplifies backing up and restoring website data for Dropbox and can do this automatically via its scheduling feature.

There is a premium version of the plugin that enables more features like incremental backup to Dropbox and other cloud services.

Here’s a simple guide on how you can integrate WordPress & Dropbox for backups using UpdraftPlus.

Step 1: Install & activate UpdraftPlus

Updraftplus wordpress backup plugin

Step 2: Head over to the Settings tab and select UpdraftPlus Backups

Updraftplus settings

Step 3: Select the Settings tab on the UpdraftPlus Dashboard, select Dropbox, and click the Authentication link.

Updraftplus backup restore

Dropbox integration

You can also select the files and folders you do not want to back up to Dropbox using the settings below.

Step 4: Give UpdraftPlus permission to your Dropbox Account.

Updraftplus permission


Step 5: Navigate to the Backup/Restore tab and click on Backup Now.

backup now

take a new backup

Once you click on Backup, UpdraftPlus takes a copy of your entire WordPress website and backs it up to Dropbox in real-time.

Some popular alternatives to UpdraftPlus are BackWPup & Duplicator, which offer the same features with a slightly different usage approach.

Integrating WordPress Upload Form with Dropbox

Want to create an upload form that stores files directly to your Dropbox account? Well, there’s a plugin for that WordPress Dropbox integration as well.

Simple Dropbox Upload allows visitors to your website to directly upload files to your Dropbox account instead of the default WordPress server.

simple dropbox upload

Using the Simple Dropbox Upload Plugin is a straightforward process. Simply install & activate the plugin, authenticate with your Dropbox account and create embeddable forms.

Once everything is set up, visitors should be able to upload files directly to Dropbox from whatever page you embed a Simple Dropbox form.

A good Alternative to Simple Dropbox Upload is Filetrip, which offers similar features but isn’t free.


Not only does Filetrip work flawlessly with Dropbox, but it also integrates with google drive and other well-known cloud storage services.

Pricing: $29 Per Site License


This article has gone through several ways to integrate Dropbox with WordPress and concisely set up some of the plugins.

With thousands of plugins available in the WordPress repo, finding a specific kind of integrated functionality between WordPress and Dropbox will always be possible.

As more and more Dropbox users use WordPress, new plugins will continually spring up and help solve problems.

We hope you’ve found this article useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to ask via the comment section, we’ll get back to it.