6 Interactive Image WordPress Plugins to Capture Visitors’ Eyes

Interactive image WordPress supports creating intuitive interfaces for retaining visitors’ sessions. Indeed, it breathes a new life into monotonous content when allowing users to interact directly.

Once you integrate responsive images into websites, you can grab the potential for more engagements and conversions from visitors. Besides, the interactive elements will help businesses to collect voluntary registration or zero-party data effortlessly.

However, interactive images application effectively depends on site types and the industry’s characteristics. Continue reading this article to explore the detailed guides to WordPress interactive images.

Importance of Interactive Image WordPress

The interactive image allows an intuitive and creative way to convey published content in WordPress. Through responsive and colorful elements, viewers can put more concentration on the provided information to understand brands’ messages. Based on that understanding, they can decide on the next proper purchasing actions.

For more details, interactive images support telling the whole story via multiple content layers. Specifically, you will explore all the delivered content in an easy-to-remember way by clicking each layer.

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Site administrators can utilize interactive images in different forms. It could be infographics, virtual products, quizzes, calculators, social sharing buttons, and other animated graphics.

Benefits of Interactive Image WordPress

An interactive website enables a proactive approach to consume content. Instead of passively delivering information through static images and texts, businesses can personalize customers’ experiences by interactive elements. Indeed, visitors can click buttons, engage with brand events, or search the right locations to conduct desired actions.


Additionally, interactive images reduce the efforts of gathering non-party data from users. By satisfying their user experience, you can trigger them to submit their information regarding demographics and buying behavior intentionally. Based on the submitted data, businesses have more references to implement sales and marketing strategies.

Applications of WordPress Interactive Images

WordPress interactive images earn their benefits in multiple cases relating to multiple industries. Regarding highlighting websites’ information and convincing customers of the services, you can utilize their functions in the following situations.

Real Estate

Real estate businesses should provide potential customers with an intuitive way to preview properties’ interior and exterior before purchasing.

For that reason, they have generated interactive images to create a virtual tour for quality authentication. Viewers can grab all essential information about the structures, prices, and usability when hovering over the displayed CGI elements.


Studying in a highly interactive environment can improve students’ memory and interest in the course. In terms of simulating e-learning materials as a real-world education environment, interactive images encourage immersive learning through cloud platforms. Plus, it supports gathering data on learners’ performance throughout the course journey.

Event Management

The offline event hosts can guide the guests to the right location through interactive maps. Meanwhile, when holding an online event, these responsive elements remove distractions from emails or apps while joining the meeting.

Moreover, an interactive event encourages visitors to share their activities on social channels to make brand identity go viral.


Interactive images add more value to e-commerce websites with the capability of attracting customers effectively. Specifically, you can insert interactive elements such as maps and videos to highlight the core features. Your clients will be more likely to purchase the desired products and services through the provided information.

How to Create WordPress Interactive Images Using Plugin

The Draw Attention plugin enables an easy way to create interactive images. With advanced features, which we will introduce in the next section, you are facilitated to create, import, and export the interactive elements.

Before conducting the process, you must install and activate the plugin. After finishing the installation step, click Draw Attention in the WordPress admin dashboard. Then choose Edit Image to start creating interactive images.


You can modify several settings such as the title name and general design through the appearing interface. Furthermore, you are able to edit the color of the title and other texts.

Apart from editing published images, you can insert new ones from the WordPress media library. Then, click the Publish button to come to edit more details for the image.

The plugin enables various customized options to edit the image. Specifically, you can add colors, highlight specific areas, and draw hotspot areas. By moving your mouse in the Hotspot Areas section, you can easily choose which areas to interact with.


After indicating the clickable areas, navigate to the Action drop-down list to decide the next actions once selecting the interactive areas.

The Show More Info option will enable you to write the description for the selected areas. Meanwhile, the Go to URL will allow adding a link to navigate visitors once interacting with the image.


After using various options to make the image more interactive, click the Update button to save the process. Finally, Copy Shortcode to add the generated image to the WordPress page and post.


6 Popular Interactive Image WordPress Plugins

#1 Draw Attention


The Draw Attention plugin provides an easy-to-use tool to create highly interactive images. Specifically, you can customize color, highlight important spots, and add typography as well as relevant audio and videos.

Besides, you can decide on the appearance of the additional information when clicking and hovering on the images. Plus, it enables users to navigate to other websites or downloadable files through links attached in customized-interactive shapes.

This SEO-friendly plugin offers two price plans: $149 for unlimited websites and $99 for one website.

#2 Image Map Pro


The Image Map Pro plugin provides advanced features to create maps and other relative shapes. Indeed, it gives users a comprehensive toolset to customize specific regions with more than 50 country maps.

This plugin allows accurately adding custom polygon shapes and other elements. Practically, you can apply Image Map Pro to create the world map, floor plan, and product presentation.

You will need to spend $39/site for the regular license and $169/site for the extended license.

#3 Elementor Hotspot Widget


The Elementor Hotspot Widget proves its benefits in animating specific image areas to create an interactive appearance. Specifically, it provides various advanced features such as color customization, loading effects, hover animation, and attached content.

This plugin also supports showcasing products through the Hotspot widget. Moreover, you can apply diverse mixed line styles with various customized options to display the product appealingly.

The plugin offers three bundles: Personal, Professional, and Agency with particular pricing for each of them.

#4 Flat 360° Panoramic Image Viewer


360° Panoramic Image Viewer enables an ultra-realistic viewing experience through a 360° rotation of the panorama image. You can easily apply the plugin with shortcode support without any coding knowledge.

The plugin can help you to add panoramic viewers on different pages, widgets, and posts. Besides, you will experience no relating-device obstacles due to mobile optimization.

You will need $25 to acquire the regular license of this plugin.

#5 Vision Interactive


The Vision Interactive plugin contributes to converting static images into online interactive elements with various advanced features. Specifically, you can insert responsive family trees, floor plans, brochures, and maps to the website for more engaging content.

This plugin allows high flexibility due to compatibility on all mobile devices and browsers.

It will cost you $25 to acquire the regular license for Vision Interactive.



The MAPSVG helps businesses to indicate the physical location with more than 100 vector maps. Apart from available maps of major countries, you can add the custom SVG file for further personalization.

This plugin’s regular license costs $49.

What is Your Choice?

Interactive image WordPress ensures the visitors’ attention through stimulating and intuitive appearances. Applying these interactive elements can bring the potential for better brand identity and more conversions.

Depending on your budget and usability requirements, you can choose an appropriate plugin to integrate interactive images into your websites.

Besides interactive images, it’s possible to enhance visitor engagement by embedding videos in WordPress. Check out our article for more details.

Is there any plugin that you want to share with us? Please let us gladly know in the comment section below!