LearnDash WooCommerce Integration: Perfect Way to Sell Online Courses

Talking about WooCommerce and LearnDash, we definitely think of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time.

WooCommerce helps store owners create their online shops in a few simple steps thanks to its ease of use. You just need to have the plugin installed, add a payment gateway and can be ready to sell products.

LearnDash marks its name as the premier in the WordPress e-learning niche. The plugin assists online course providers in creating and running their courses easier. Everything from add courses, having students subscribe, to managing their progress can be done in ones without any hassle.

But do you know that you can benefit from both of WooCommerce and LearnDash plugins on the same site? You can easily organize your course with LearnDash while learners can experience a great check-out process with WooCommerce.

Don’t let you wait any longer, we’re gonna explain to you seven reasons for LearnDash WooCommerce integration. We’ll also guide you on how to integrate them to work together using the WooCommerce for LearnDash Add-on.

Let’s jump in!

Why Using WooCommerce with LearnDash

It’s no coincidence that WooCommerce is trusted by millions of users from pole to pole. While working with LearnDash, the plugin helps extend and maximize the checkout and payment process. It also permits you to sell other product types along with training courses and tons more.

#1 Offer Native Payments

Though LearnDash provides a built-in payment feature, it’s really basic and not as good as what WooCommerce is doing. The plugin accepts Stripe or PayPal only that can limit payment options for customers and increase the cart abandonment rate.

Since WooCommerce is designed for e-commerce, it takes the payment capability to a high level. You can add coupons, discounts, and taxation to the payment effortlessly.

Plus, it supports over 100 payment gateways. Besides Stripe or PayPal, you can also add other popular options such as PayFast, PayU’, Mollie, Paystack, just to name a few.

This function works in a pinch that let customers pay for their cost with any payment method. There should be no worry about customers leaving your course due to incompatible payment gateways.

#2 CRM Platform integrations

CRM, standing for ​​Customer Relationship Management, comes as a powerful tool to connect and manage with your learns and trainers together. It allows you to create automated email marketing campaigns too.

Luckily, WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with almost all CRM platforms making it simple for you to interact with your course-takers. You can get student data, their performance, or any useful information into your CRM of choice.

#3 Sell Multiple Types of Products

As we all know, LearnDash helps you organize and sell online courses. That’s all of what it can do. What if you want to offer an ebook and coaching session separately from these courses. Or are you intending to sell uniforms, notebooks, and stationery?

You definitely need help from the WooCommerce plugin. Primarily coming as an e-commerce platform for physical products, it supports you in selling online courses and other product types in parallel. As a result, combining both physical and digital products in a store has never been easier.

#4 Integrate With Affiliate Platforms

Affiliate marketing gives your training business a chance to reach more customers at a low cost and with less effort. By making use of others’ voices, you can increase brand awareness and build trust, and get more customers. That’s why you should recruit affiliate marketers to bring your useful courses to the world.

To set up affiliate programs, it’s best to use plugins to take care of affiliate employing and commission payment.

If you sell courses via WooCommerce, it’s straightforward to build your affiliate plan. You can have WooCommerce integrate with most of the popular WordPress affiliate platforms, from Solid Affiliate to Affiliate WP, and YITH Woocommerce Affiliate.

#5 Boost Your Revenue

It doesn’t matter if you’re owning a small training website or running a multinational consultant business. As a business owner, you always plan to boost sales and increase revenue.

There are several ideas you can apply to generate more sales, e.g. order bumps, upsells, and cross-sales, etc.

Thanks to WooCommerce, creating a course bundle or offering and accepting discount coupon codes is no more a hassle. We’re sure that you’re unable to achieve this with LearnDash only.

#6 Customize Your Checkout Process

The checkout page proves the most important part of an e-commerce website, and e-learning sites are not exceptions. It’s where customers decide to take money out of their pocket and join your training community.

If you sell courses via LearnDash, you’re forced to use the plugin’s checkout interface in all orders. There is no way to change or customize the process.

Do you know that the average shopping cart abandonment rate is about 68%? This statistic should wake you up if you still keep the boring and lengthy checkout page.

Fortunately, it’s is more flexible in optimizing the WooCommerce checkout process. With assistance from some plugins, you can unique checkout systems for each course. On top of that, it enables you to add custom fields to the checkout page so you can collect additional information from buyers.

How to Sell LearnDash Courses in WooCommerce

Before digging into the detailed guide, you need to make sure to have the LearnDash and the WooCommerce plugin ready on your WordPress site. What’s more, you have to install the WooCommerce for LearnDash add-on to connect 2 core plugins.

After that, you need to assign LearnDash courses to WooCommerce products for buyers to make purchases. The last step in the process is forcing customers to pay via WooCommerce, instead LearnDash itself.

Step 1: Install and Activate WooCommerce for LearnDash Add-on

Upon installation and activation, the plugin immediately adds a new section name LearnDash to your admin navigation menu. By locating the new section, you’ll see an option of Add-ons. Click on it to continue.


Now, find the WooCommerce for LearnDash add-on in the list then install and activate it.

Step 2: Create WooCommerce Products as LearnDash Courses

To create a WooCommerce product page for your course, you must have it available beforehand. You can refer to this article on how to create your first LearnDash course.

Next, you head over Products > Add New in the left-hand navigation menu. You’re now required to enter important information on the product page such as title, description, and product images, etc.

Then, you scroll down to the “Product Data” section and choose Course from the Simple Product dropdown.


In the General tab, you’ll see a LearDash Courses option, simply type your course title and add it to the box.

There is another option of Related Courses that you need to configure before complete the setup process. You can choose the courses associated with the existing one. They’ll be displayed at the bottom of the product page as recommendations. This helps you increase sales and revenue.

Step 3: Accept Payment via WooCommerce

It’s time to change the LearnDash payment to WooCommerce. Unless you proceed with this step, course-takers will still pay for your course via LernDash rather than WooCommerce. To do this, follow the guide below:

  1. Go to Courses under LearnDash
  2. Pick the course that you added to the WooCommerce product page in step 2
  3. Open Settings -> Course Access Settings section
  4. Click on Close under Access Mode
  5. Enter your WooCommerce product page’s URL in the “Button URL”

That’s it!

Ready to Sell LearnDash Courses via WooCommerce?

Both LearnDash and WooCommerce come with a set of benefits when selling online courses. While LearnDahs makes it straightforward to design an e-learning course, it’s not a perfect solution for an e-commerce system.

That’s why you should make use of WooCommerce and its powerful features. The plugin enables you to customize the checkout process, integrate with affiliate and CRM platforms, boost sales via discount codes, and much more.

We’ve also walked you through three steps in selling a LearnDash course with WooCommerce. You need to install the LearnDash for WooCommerce add-on, create a WooCommerce product page containing your commercial course, and force payment via WooCommerce.

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