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PPP: Allow users to create & share private links on the front-end

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    PDA Support Team

    “I want to provide videos to prepare healthy food in less than 15 minutes. I found out, that people who see something and like it very much, that they want to share it with other people – because it is not always easy to tell what he/she learned. If they can’t (share) because of membership borders, the success to do something is not so high, because she can’t tell other people easily what he/she found out.

    That is why it should be possible for the member (without any work from my side), to share a link that is valid for X days inside the membership site. So it should be possible in the Membership-Frontend to provide a link or the user can “generate” a Link, to give his/her friend access to a specific page which is valid for X days.

    It is also very good for marketing reasons because the users choose what is interesting for other specific people. For the friends who got the shared link and go into the site, we can provide also some advertisements to the product.”


    PDA Support Team
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