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Welcome to Prevent Direct Access Gold Community Forum

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    PDA Support Team

    Welcome to Prevent Direct Access Gold Community Forum. This is the official spot for our amazing community to share ideas and solve problems together.

    This topic is an overview of how everything works, including do’s and don’ts.

    Why using this forum?

    At the moment, all support tickets including feature requests and pre-sale questions are answered via email. While this maintains user privacy, we realize often times many users are facing the same problems or having the same questions.

    So it’s best if we have a place to share common questions and solutions.

    Not an official support channel

    Although the Prevent Direct Access team manages the forum and may respond to topics from time to time, please keep in mind that this is not an official support channel for Prevent Direct Access products. Follow forum advice at your own risk.

    Premium users with valid license should still [Please login to view this link] to get priority support.

    Prevent Direct Access Lite users are welcome to use this forum, but for official support, post your questions on the Prevent Direct Access Lite forum at [Please login to view this link].


    • Search for existing content before posting a new topic.
    • Post in the correct category.
    • Be descriptive and use accurate titles.
    • Keep the discussion on-topic.
    • Keep it appropriate.
    • Be as patient and polite as possible.


    • Post personal information.
    • Bump threads excessively.
    • Post in very old threads.
    • Be inappropriate, rude, troll, flame, or shame other community members.
    • Impersonate other forum members.
    • Post advertisements or solicitations of any kind.

    PDA Support Team
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