PDA Gold Glossary

PDA Integrations

Synced & Offloaded Files

Synced files refer files synced to your Amazon S3 bucket while the original files still remain on your server. If they are removed from your server, we call them Offloaded files.

Amazon S3 URL

Amazon S3 Link refers the link is created by Amazon S3 when you sync (or offload) a file to your S3 bucket using our S3 extension. There are two types of Amazon S3 Links:

  • Public S3 Links for unprotected files with /pda-media/ in its path and can be accessed by anyone
  • Private S3 Links for protected files with /_pda/ in its path and can be accessed by no one
Signed URL

Signed URL is an expiring link generated by our S3 extension providing the only way to access your protected files offloaded to Amazon S3.

Dropbox Shared URL
Dropbox Shared Link is an expiring link generated by our Dropbox extension for WooCommerce digital products whose files are stored on Dropbox.