Integrate PDA Gold with WordPress Email Marketing Plugins – FAQ

Email marketing, without a doubt, proves a powerful strategy to grow your website. You can gather interested site visitors to an email list, engage them with content updates, and convert them into customers.

Getting email subscriptions and managing them are not easy tasks. Luckily, you have WordPress email subscription and marketing plugins at hand to simplify the process.

However, installing a WordPress email marketing plugin and having an email list is not the end of the task. Many of our customers seek help on how to file links to subscribers while at the same time keeping them private with the PDA Gold plugin. They don’t want their hard-to-make ebooks and tutorials to be shared with others out of their email list.

In this post, we’ll list out the most common questions that our support team receives.

Can I protect my files sent to an email list?

Of course. The Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold plugin allows you to protect all types of your files, including NPG, PDF, MP3, MP4 files in the Media Library with just a few clicks. Once protected, users won’t be able to view the files although they have the correct URLs. The files are available to specific whitelisted roles like admins or editors.

You can create private links for individual users. In other words, each person will receive a different private download link to see your image or video. These private links will expire after a certain time or a number of clicks, depending on your settings.

The thing is you have to integrate PDA Gold with its integrations to greatly secure your files in emails.

Which WordPress email marketing plugin does PDA Gold integrate with?

PDA Gold works well with most email marketing plugins. It has 3 important integrations for the 3 most popular ones, including ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp.

You can have the ActiveCampaign integration or Mailchimp Integration ready for only $69.9 per year. The price of Campaign Monitor is $59.9 for a 1-year license.

How do these integration plugins help?

While the main PDA Gold plugin helps protect your file URLs, the extensions let you send private links to subscribers automatically.

Anytime a visitor subscribes to one of your email lists on ActiveCampaign and Campaign Monitor, the plugins will generate a new private download link. This link then will be sent to that visitor immediately.

The integrations also enable you to display the private download link anywhere on your Campaign Monitor/ActiveCampaign newsletter or automated emails.

Does MailChimp Integration work in the same way as the others?

Yes. Similar to ActiveCampaign and Campaign Monitor integrations, MailChimp integration permits you to create and send private download links to new subscribers.

wordpress-email-marketing-plugin-mailchimpOut of the box, it provides more robust features taking your file protection process to the next level. The plugin is compatible with PayPal to deliver your customers a download link to their purchase on digital products.

All you need to do is associate a PayPal button with your MailChimp list. Right after customers click on that button and place an order successfully, they’ll be added to your list immediately. Then, our plugins will inbox them with the download link in the email.

Why can’t my existing customers receive private download links?

As mentioned, only new customers will get the private download links of your files. The current customers who used to buy your products before won’t be included in the email list. As a result, you’re just able to give them the file’s original URL although it’s protected.

What if I have other questions about WordPress email marketing plugin?

We provide priority and premium support within 8 hours for our customers. For freemium users of the PDA plugin, you should wait for 1 or 2 business days.

We also offer bespoke support giving you a chance to request new custom features for your own site. If you have an idea of improving plugins or have problems while using them, let us know!