PDA License Server Update

We’ve recently updated our license server system with a few useful improvements.

Display Latest License Information

Last time, even if you upgrade your license or buy a new addon, the license information on your license tabs didn’t reflect the changes. It only shows the information at the time you activate your license.

Now, you can get and display the latest license information from our server. To do so, you will need to:

  1. Enable our Debug log settings option
  2. Click on the “refresh button” under License tab

Standardize License Upgrade Process

Previously, once you remove our plugin with all the Remove Data Upon Uninstall settings option enabled (including your license key), you won’t be able to install our plugin again on the same site, assuming your license count already reaches the maximum number of sites allowed. The rigidity of our license system raises a few eyebrows. And it’s finally resolved now.

You can now install our plugin on the same site even if your license is removed on the database.

In order to do so, we need to take the site URL into consideration, which leads to a few potentially minor issues.

Update Disable Notification

You will get an update disable notification in the following 2 cases:

Your license already expires

If you get our subscription license, it will be auto-renewed every year for continued updates and support. However, for some reason you’ve decided to cancel your subscription, you will still use and update our plugin as normal until the license expires. After that, priority support and plugin updates are disabled. You’ll get a warning message displayed under our plugin’s name on “Plugins” page.

You’re using our plugin on an unregistered site URL

Typically, in order for our plugin to work properly on your site, you have to activate a valid license key on that particular site. Your site URL will be automatically added to our license database system.

There are cases when you activated the license on the very first versions of our plugin. Also, if you deploy your database from staging directly to the production server, your site URL is not registered on our system either.

As a result, you might get the update warning mentioned above.


If you still receive this warning message even though your license key is still valid and you believe your site URL is already registered correctly, please try to click on “Check for update” button again for our plugin to double-check the license request.

In case your license expires incorrectly, please re-enter your license on our License tab.

If it still doesn’t work, please contact us for further assistance.

To be updated.