Prevent Direct Access Gold vs S3 Features Comparison

Block Google Indexing Protected Files
Protect Unlimited Files and All File Types
Protect multiple files at the same time
- How to un-protect filesDelete or deactivate all private links"Un-protect" or "un-sync" original files
Auto-Protect your confidential files
Automatically protected after uploading

Automatically protected once synced to Amazon S3.
Upload WordPress files to Amazon S3Not Applicable (NA)Sync or un-sync. Un-sync to delete these files from Amazon S3
Set up your own AWS S3 bucketNA
Get a free Amazon S3 hosting
Auto-sync future uploaded filesNA
Grant Subscribers Access to Protected Files
Create Unlimited Download Links
Protect Private Download Links
- Restrict by IP Addresses
- Manually deactivate
Delete or deactivate

Only by deleting
- Auto-deactivate by Date
- Auto-deactivate by Clicks
- Expire private links
Set to expire X number of days from today. Default: never

Set default expire time for auto-generated private links,
a different one for custom links
Track Download Link Clicks
Auto-generate New Private links
Customize Download Links
Change Download Links Prefix
Customize your own link prefix
Use your Amazon S3 bucket's folder as the link prefix
Delete Download Links
Delete one by one

Unsync to delete all private download links
Prevent Image Hotlinking
Disable Directory Listing
Protect Files by One ClickPending
No Access Page (default: 404 page)
Support MultisitePending
Enable Remote Logs
Support1-year Priority Support1-year Priority Support
Updates1-year Premium Updates1-year Premium Updates