Protect Your Digital Products

A blue back ground displays the logo for prevent direct access and the title "protect wordpress files now!"

See your new e-books and digital files’ download links appearing on Google?

Want to Protect your WordPress files & Stop unwanted users from downloading your digital products for FREE?

We have a simple solution that helps you protect all your e-book PDF files and literally any files that you’ve uploaded to your WordPress websites: Prevent Direct Access Gold.

Here’s how the plugin will help you and your online business:

Stop Google From Indexing Your E-books and Confidential Documents

Your e-book and document download links will usually be indexed by Google, Bing and other search engines, particularly when it’s valuable and popular. As a result, many people will be able to access your e-books directly for Free no matter what weird name you give these files or where you try to “hide” them. That's why you've still seen PDF files with random name like this are still appearing on Google research result.

Obscurity is not Security. Security through obscurity is like burying all your money under a tree. Not Safe!

Our plugin offers arguably the easiest and simplest way to protect your e-books and prevent unwanted users from downloading them for free.

Protect Your E-Book PDF

Protect your e-books with our Prevent Direct Access Gold under "Media" with just a single click. Once protected, their original links are no longer accessible. At the same time, our plugin discourages Google and other search engines from indexing these private protected files. Now no one could be able to access them without your permission anymore. Cool, isn't it?


Customize & Shorten Private Download Links For Email & Social Sharing

You've already protected your private e-books and documents against Google and the public. But you may still want to share them with certain groups of users, be it your potential customers, mailing list subscribers or friends.

That's where our Private Download Links come into play. Create a random private download links or customize your own slug so that it looks more legitimate and meaningful to your audience.

Undoubtedly, a custom download link like this will perform and generate more clicks than a random link like this

Create Multiple Private Download Links For Your Ebook

You may need multiple download links for different users or groups of users. This is particularly useful when you want to target different segments (users) of your list. By using different download links, you’ll know which links perform better and how many people actually clicks on your link.


Expire to Protect Download Links

You can email the download links of your digital products to your customers as a protected link with preset restriction on download period and clicks. For example, you can set the links automatically expired after 3 days or 8 clicks.

Our private download links work with any autoresponder/newsletter system editor that allows to insert a hyperlink such as Mailchimp and GetResponse. You can also share your Private Download Links on social platforms without having to worry that people will abuse and share your private files with others because they can't.