Scope of Support

Prevent Direct Access and its extensions come with priority support that has wowed almost all our customers. This includes support for both our free and paid users though with different urgency levels.

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Although we’ve always wanted the greatest of success and satisfaction for our dear users, we do not have unlimited time and resources. So we have to set a standard of what we can and cannot support to ensure the best experience for all of our users.

Scope of Support

We are able to provide support to all our users for the following types of questions/issues:

  1. Questions or issues related to our plugins’ user interface (UI) or advertised features
  2. Confirmation if our products and features could meet a certain goal
  3. Clarification of existing product documentation and descriptions as well as compatibility with other platforms and plugins
  4. Inquiries and discussions on new feature requests which may or may not become actual product features in upcoming releases and versions.

However, we are not able to provide support for specific issues or use cases arising from the following issues:

  1. Demands for custom development/features for a specific user or use case including integrations with unsupported plugins and platforms
  2. Conflicts with other plugins – please always test with other plugins disabled before contacting support
  3. Conflicts with other themes – please always test with the default WordPress Twenty-X theme before contacting support
  4. Custom feature modifications including PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, even if it uses our provided API

Our products are developed for a specific scope and purpose, and we’re not able to support uses beyond that intended scope. A valid license for our Prevent Direct Access Gold and its extensions entitles you to get updates and support for the existing and upcoming feature set. These licenses do not entitle you to:

  • Demand support faster than our promised times,
  • Access to developers for custom development or code review,
  • Troubleshoot other plugins or themes, or
  • Acting inappropriately towards our support team.

At the end of the day, we simply ask you to be reasonable in your expectations. Please don’t just send a support request without any explanations and necessary access then expect us to perform magic for you.

On the other hand, if you can show us the exact bugs and/or steps on how to reproduce them, we will be more than happy to work with you troubleshooting the issue as soon as possible.

Extended Support

While we’re always looking for new ideas and features, it’s not possible for us to consider and develop all the requested features at the same time.

However, due to the tremendous requests of new features, we’re now offering extended support for our premium users. Here’s the scope of our extended support:

  • Discuss and finalize your requests
  • Prioritize & develop your requested feature(s) within the agreed timeline
  • Our team reserves the rights to reject requests that don’t go along with our vision for the products
  • There is strictly no refund for extended support
  • After the feature is released and accepted, we will continue to provide you with the necessary support as long as your license is valid

Pricing: $500-$5000 depending on your requested features

Please contact and discuss with our team before getting our extended support.