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“Thanks for the quick response to my previous issue. You guys are amazing, This is Sunday! I wasn’t expecting such a quick answer. I never have gotten support like this before!”
– Deborah Hemstreet – dvoraelisheva.com

Thanks for the nice plugin, guys. Good work, hope you succeed with it and keep making it better!”
– Rachan Chindarsi

“Hi. So far love the plugin. Thank you. I installed it on 2 different sites/servers. It worked exactly as expected.”
– Doug @ bigfresh.com

“Great plugin and I’m interested in purchasing the Pro version."

“Thanks so much!! You have helped a lot!!”
– Brian, India

“I have the Gold version up, and everything seems to be working great! Thank you so much for all of your help and quick responses!”
– Sarah Wick @ redtechnologiesinc.com

Perfect solution to protect downloadable files what are offered in an online-shop.”
– DanyelAndre

“I’ve only had to contact BWPS a couple of times, but they’ve responded promptly every single time. The Gold version is simple to use and the support is awesome for a non-tech person like me to follow. Recommended!”
– Maogy88

“Nice plugin!”

More Happy Customers

“Thanks too for all the effort you’re putting in! You’re doing a really great job and that kind of after sales support, is unfortunately quite rare these days. so thanks again!”
 Ivo Bradica 

“Prevent Direct Access WordPress Plugin is just great.”
– Michael Schaefer, Germany

“The plugin’s idea is so simple yet necessary that I thought it should be included in WordPress by default. It works perfectly! Purchased the Pro.”
– joey995512

“Basic features on the free version but it does protects my PDF!!”
– mathemagic

“Thank you!!! I’ve been using this Gold version just a month ago. And since then my ebook PDF link disappears in Google search result. Simply awesome and newbie friendly. Thanks again for protecting my ebooks!”
– Sarbani

“My ebooks are no longer indexed by Google!!! Simply Amazing. Thanks much guys!”
– Marek Zoraerski, Demark

“This free version offers only basic features with many limitations. At least it does the job though. Well done 😉”
– opszbig

I want to say that I’m pleased with your product. Since I’ve been using it, I have not discovered any plagiarizing.”
– Darlene Lancer

“Thanks for your prompt replies. It helps a lot to get answers immediately.”
– Martie, South Africa

“The video add-on is what we are looking for! Thanks!”
– Etienne, Canada

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