Top 4 WordPress Amazon S3 File Manager You Must Know

Offered by Amazon Web Services, S3 or Simple Storage Service provides you with object storage via a web service interface.

We can’t deny the benefits of Amazon S3. It helps you save a huge amount of data of any type there, from website media files to applications at a low cost and high security. The platform charges you for what you use and there are no hidden fees.

Still, you need supportive plugins to manage WordPress files connected with the Amazon S3. It requires a file upload plugin to automatically upload files from the WordPress library to S3. You also seek help from a tool to optimize these files.

In this article, we’ve summarized the top 5 WordPress Amazon S3 file managers as well as their key features to greatly support your S3 file management.

#1 WordPress Amazon S3 – Wasabi Smart File Uploads Plugin


WordPress Amazon S3 – Wasabi Smart File Uploads Plugin appears as a powerful plugin letting you upload local files directly to your Amazon S3 & Wasabi bucket using a custom file upload. It removes the step of uploading files to your server.

There are many things you can do with Wasabi Smart File Uploads. The plugin enables you to add multiple files from your local to the S3 bucket. As it allows up to 5GB per file, there should be no worry about the Amazon S3 file size limit.

What’s more, it’s possible for you, as an admin user, to give others user roles such as editors or authors the S3 file upload permission. They can upload files to the S3 bucket by define(‘SSU_CAPABILITY’, ‘capability’) in your wp-config.php file.

Users love this plugin primarily thanks to its friendly UI. All the S3 and Wasabi directories and files can be managed right in the WordPress admin dashboard. Copying S3 file URLs has never been easier with the Copy File URL button.

On top of that, Wasabi Smart File Uploads gives you a helping hand in uploading files from WooCommerce product pages too. You can protect your products hosted on Wasabi and Amazon S3.

Plus, besides the new S3 file upload, it helps you upload current S3 files to your WordPress Media Library as well. And the status of your file is private. In other words, they’re not available to everybody even the admins, although they’re placed in a public bucket. You need to enable the public option while uploading so others can view them.

The plugin is developed by BWPS, the team behind the 2 popular PDA Gold and PPWP Pro plugins. Despite being launched recently with a quite low number of active installations, only 200+, Wasabi Smart File Uploads receives a lot of love from users.

#2 PDA Gold to Protect Files on Amazon S3 Buckets

Amazon S3 WordPress Media

Are you running a gymnastic or cooking video online course? Or do you have a video-sharing website to host films and music videos? If you own these kinds of websites and host the videos on Amazon S3, you’d better protect them.

Your training e-learning video, of course, should be visible to paid students while premium films are watched by premium users only.

PDA Gold proves a great assistant in securing your videos and audios hosted on Amazon S3 buckets. All you need to do includes creating a private S3 bucket, then configuring CloudFront distribution, and after that inserting the S3 shortcode into the content.

PDA Gold’s Other Powerful Features

Apart from securing S3 videos and audio, PDA Gold is the pioneer in WordPress files protection. It helps protect unlimited media files of all types. Unauthorized visitors will have no chance to find or access your private files unless you give them permission.

More importantly, you can create private download links for users to view and download your protected files. Their expiration rules are based on the days and clicks. After that, nobody can use this link to see and download your images or videos. This greatly reduces the file-sharing issue.

In addition, the PDA Gold plugin blocks search engines from indexing your protected files. This means that they will no longer show up anywhere on search results.

#3 AWS S3 File Manager and Uploader


AWS S3 File Manager and Uploader primarily allows you to upload files to Amazon S3 and manage them via S3 Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. You’re able to manage your folders using the Amazon S3 Console.

The plugin makes it simple for you to configure and edit your files. You can upload multiple files, download them, and delete them with ease. List files are included in the S3 bucket. You also have the file’s details such as their URLs and upload dates, etc.

When using AWS S3 File Manager and Uploader, your S3 files become fully responsive to mobile devices. You have the right to upload files to the root or any folder in the S3 bucket as well.

The AWS S3 File Manager and Uploader plugin is available only on the Envato Market. You need to pay $10 to have it installed and activated on your site.

#4 Woocommerce Amazon S3 Storage

Coming as an extension for WooCommerce, Woocommerce Amazon S3 Storage gives you a helping hand in selling digital products through your Amazon AWS S3 service. It brings many benefits to your online store, from serving big product files to scaling the store along with speeding up downloading time for customers.

Its shortcodes assist you in specifying the bucket and object name. Anytime a customer makes a purchase and downloads their digital product, the extension will change the file’s URL into an Amazon S3 link. You can check out this article on how to sell digital products through Amazon AWS S3.

The plugin costs you $29 for an annual license. It includes 1-year extension updates, 1-year support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Which is Your WordPress Amazon S3 File Manager?

We’ve introduced to you the top 4 plugins for your WordPress Amazon S3 file manager. Both Wasabi Smart File Uploads and AWS S3 File Manager and Uploader help you upload files to S3.

PDA Gold, on the other hand, makes the process of protecting videos and audio hosted in S3 much easier. Woocommerce Amazon S3 Storage, meanwhile, saves your product files on Amazon S3 and sells them from there.

If you still have questions about any of these plugins, drop a line in the comment so we can help clarify.