5 Useful Campaign Monitor Integrations for WordPress Email Marketing

Coming as one of the most popular email marketing tools, Campaign Monitor makes it easy for you to communicate with and leverage your audience. You can create marketing campaigns, send emails, and measure their results.

If you’re running a WordPress site, connecting the website with your campaignmonitor.com account is no longer a hassle thanks to the Campaign Monitor plugin.

However, the Campaign Monitor plugin along is not enough for a fully effective email marketing strategy. You need engaging forms on gorgeous pages to attract visitors to sign up. It also requires protecting files embedded in emails to prevent unauthorized sharing.

These are where Campaign Monitor integrations come in handy. In this article, we’ll list out the 5 best plugins that seamlessly integrate with your Campaign Monitor and make the most of your emails.

Before digging into the detailed review, let’s discuss some reasons for integrating Campaign Monitor with other apps.

Why Integrate Campaign Monitor with other WordPress Plugins?

Email marketing, without a doubt, boosts your business revenue and creates better ROI. Campaign Monitor’s research in 2019 proved that marketers who use segmented email campaigns see an increase of 760% in revenue.

Average marketers build lists and send automatic emails. Thought leader marketers find ways to make their lists always updated. Campaign Monitor integrations give you chances to have a big picture of your email data. You will know their behavior via which forms they register, the open rates, and the click rates.

As a result, you’re able to know your target users and their interest to proceed with better campaigns. Blog subscribers will receive different emails from giveaway leads or newsletter subs.

Top 5 Monitor Campaign Integrations in WordPress

These are the 5 best plugins that work compatibly with your Campaign Monitor plugin. They support various aspects of your email marketing.

#1 PDA Gold to Auto-send Private Files

Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold allows you to protect your WordPress media files and documents from direct access on a basis. Only specific user roles like admins can view them. You’re enabled to create private download links to grant other users access to your restricted files.

Fortunately, the plugin works well with Campaign Monitor to automate your email marketing flow. To break down the details, anytime a user subscribes to your form, it will create a unique private download link and automatically send it to that user.

When we say “unique,” it means that each subscriber will receive a different private link. You can set this link to expire after a certain time or a number of clicks. This prevents subscribers from sharing your exclusive files with others.

Bear in mind that you must install PDA Gold and its Campaign Monitor Integration at the same time to access all these functions. While the main plugin helps secure your file, the extension works as the bridge to connect Campaign Monitor with PDA Gold.

On top of that, the plugin permits you to embed the private download link anywhere on your Campaign Monitor newsletter or automated emails. It can be the welcome or education email.

#2 Gravity Forms Add-on for Gorgeous Email Forms

Coming as a premium plugin, Gravity Forms assists you in creating and customizing forms on your WordPress site. It enables you to add any form type, from contact forms, quizzes, to surveys and registration.

The plugin centers on building solid forms that attract more and more site visitors to enter their emails and join your campaign. Its drag and drop builder lets you quickly design your forms and make them responsive. Gravity Forms provides you with over 30 different form fields and this list will grow over time.

The team behind it developed the Campaign Monitor add-on to shed light on collecting and adding subscribers to your lists. Upon installation, the add-on will sync your Campaign Monitor account with Gravity Forms.

Besides emails, its custom field permits you to collect any registration information. On top of that, you’re able to add unsubscribers to your Campaign Monitor email list and target them with specialized content.

#3 RafflePress to Collect Emails for Giveaways


RafflePress automates the process of hosting giveaways on your WordPress site. You can build your own giveaways or use its pre-built templates. The plugin allows users to enter and share the giveaway easily too.

Unlike PDA Gold or Gravity Forms, the plugin integrates seamlessly with Campaign Monitor without the help of any extension or add-on. By hosting giveaways and contests, it gives you the right to grow your email lists automatically.

It takes you just a few clicks to set up and get started integrating RafflePress with Campaign Monitor. All you need to do is enable the integration option and select your list. The plugin will then handle the rest.

#4 SeedProd for Landing Page Building and Subscriber Management


Along with forms, it’s necessary to create eye-catching landing pages to increase the converting rate. SeedProd was born to serve that purpose. The page builder lends you a helping hand in customizing your landing pages to attract more visitors and engage them to take action.

The plugin comes with subscriber management and email marketing integrations as well. It natively integrates with Campaign Monitor so you can send emails to your subscribers effortlessly.

You have the ability to decide which Campaign Monitor list to send emails to. Plus, it accepts email subscription forms on both live pages and Coming Soon, or Maintenance Mode pages. This feature benefits you in collecting user emails even before launching your website.

#5 OptinMonster for WordPress Popups


Actively installed on more than 1 million websites from pole to pole, OptinMonster proves its leading position in building WordPress popups and improving conversion rate. The plugin gives you a great opportunity to create popup campaigns, build email forms, and set up announcement bars, etc.

You can easily connect OptionMonster with Campaign Monitor and make the most of your email marketing. These plugins help you get emails from attractive popups and forms.

What’s more, you’re able to test your email marketing campaigns, measure their results, and make the right decision. It significantly helps target your audience based on the locations.

Make Use of WordPress Campaign Monitor Integrations

Integrations create great opportunities for you to make the most of your Campaign Monitor email marketing. We’ve summarized the 5 best plugins with the main features to empower the Campaign Monitor tool.

PDA Gold plugin and its Campaign Monitor integration let you send private download links of protected files to subscribers automatically. Gravity Forms and its Campaign Monitor add-on, on the other hand, help you create gorgeous forms to attract more leads to your email lists.

If you intend to use giveaways to get user emails, integrate it with RafflePress. You also have SeedProd for landing page building and OptinMonster to build attractive popups.

Which are your favorite plugin integrations for your Campaign Monitor? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.