5 of The Best WordPress Plugins to Disable Copy Paste

Every business owner is scrambled to have their content appeared on the first page of Google, the top search engine. To achieve that, they’re required to spend a lot of time creating unique and high-quality blogs.

Top-rank posts can drive massive traffic to your site and raise awareness of your brand image. Imagine you’re surfing around and catching up with your web content on another site. What’s your feeling at that moment?

Thieves use various ways to steal your content, and copy-paste proves the easiest and the most common method.

That said, you have to restrict people from stealing your web content by preventing them from copying an entire post and pasting it on their site. You may be surprised by how easy it is to do this. Here are 5 different options that will keep you disabling content copy-paste on the go.

Before getting into the list, we’ll also clearly clarify 2 main reasons for stoping WordPress copy-paste. Let’s get started!

Why You Need to Disable Copy-Paste

Improve Your Site SEO

Duplicate content is bad, for sure. Google’s Matt Cutts estimated that from 25-30% of the web content is duplicative in 2013. And this number is increasing rapidly, until now.

When you’re posts are copied, duplicate content makes it harder for Google to filter and decide which version is better. That’s why it’s essential to have original posts in order to rank well in Google.

Your content also verifies the most precious asset. It will typically make your website earn a higher domain and page authority in the same niche. Since they grow wider and more links are pointed towards it.

Unique content can raise a website’s position on the search engine ranking pages whereas duplicate content can decrease it. Moreover, Google can even remove sites with duplicate content from their search index. Then your effort put into content creation becomes meaningless now.

Guide Customers to a Great Experience

Content is understood to be more than simply providing information. It’s how you talk to people and how you demonstrate what your business is about.

Customers currently have a tendency to approach smart, relevant, unique content – especially millennials. When your content is informative, interesting, and outstanding from the crowd, it will leave a lasting impression.

All in all, unique content should guide customers to great experiences. The next time the customer desires to purchase something in that genre, the site with that great experience will be top of mind. As a result, sales and customer loyalty will follow.

#1 Watermark WordPress Files Plugin to Disable Right Click

Watermark WordPress Files appears the perfect solution to stop visitors from copying your content and pates it into another place, including written content and images. All you need to do installing the plugins and enable 2 options Disable Right Click and Prevent Image Theft in the Settings page to let it handle the job.

It costs you $119.9 to download the plugin. However, this feature-rich plugin is worth your payment thanks to a wide range of its capabilities. As the name indicates, the plugin permits you to add a watermark to your WordPress PDF. It can be a text or an image so that users can see the file’s source everywhere it’s shared.

Out of the box, the plugin enables you to embed PDF files to your WordPress content in preview mode. In other words, instead of showing the PDF link like the default settings, you can display it right on the content.

The plugin’s functionalities shouldn’t just stop there. You also have the right to export your pages and posts into PDF files with the support of Watermark WordPress Files. Impressive, right?

This assists business owners in quickly gathering content from blog posts to create PDF and share with subscribers as giveaways. You have the right to decide whether to convert one or multiple posts at a time.

#2 Yoast SEO Plugin to Find Duplicate Content


Yoast SEO comes as the most-used WordPress SEO plugin currently. It’s packed full of features and designed to help millions of visitors and search engines get the most out of your website.

The plugin primarily lists out important factors you can follow to provide a better-optimized page and post. Yoast recommends you write a stunning title, produce a vivid description, or insert internal and external links, and tons more.

Although this WordPress plugin does not directly disable copy-paste, it allows you to add an attribution link to your RSS feed. Anytime your post is republished, Yoast provides a link to the original on your website to let readers know the blog’s author.

#3 Secure Copy Content Protection


Secure Copy Content Protection aims to protect web content from being plagiarized. Upon activation, the plugin immediately disables the right-click, copy-paste, content selection, and copy shortcut keys on your website.

The plugin prevents your site from content theft as well as web scraping, which can be seen commonly nowadays. What’s more, Secure Copy Content Protection allows you to disable inspect components and provides a secured site, where no copyright infringement may appear.

Apart from disabling right-click on a website, the plugin also helps lock your content with passwords, partial content protection in particular. You can assign a password to a section of your post via a shortcode. Visitors have to enter the correct key to open the protected fields.

You have the lite version to try the plugin’s usefulness before upgrading to the Pro version which costs $20 for a business.

#4 Copyright Proof to Protect Your Copyright

Invented by Digiprove, Copyright Proof does not directly help you disable copy-paste. However, it authorizes you to protect your content from being stolen by providing a digitally signed and time-stamped content certificate. Then, you will have the ability to insert combined certification, copyright, licensing, and attribution notice at the end of all your posts.

Your post URL will be shown on the Digiprove website to activate the anti-theft feature to prevent others from copying your content.

Especially, you’re able to record the IP addresses of those trying to take your content. As a result, you can investigate the websites stealing the gray matter of your team, and report to Google for ceasing rank sites with ease.

#5 WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

pda-WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Clicks

Trusted by over 100 thousand users and receiving hundreds of 5-star reviews, WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Clicks proves its leading position in this narrow niche. This simple, yet aggressive plugin lets you protect your content from being taken multiple techniques (JavaScript + CSS).

There is a limitation in the plugin’s free capabilities. If you just want to block copy-paste, the Free version is enough for your personal usage.

Set up WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Clicks pro plugin to explore more useful and incredible features, including:

  • Disable image drag and drop,
  • Disable various keyboard commands such as CTRL + A, C, X, U, S, and P.
  • Watermark your files
  • Display alert message when users try to right lick your images
  • Protect your content under 3 different layers of protection: JavaScript, RightClick, and CSS

Which Is Your Ideal Solution to Disable Copy-Paste?

In general, creating great and high-quality content always takes a lot of your time and effort. Good articles are quickly copied by sites-competitors, so it’s essential to protect and keep you away from content thefts as soon as possible.

We’ve gone through the top 5 widely-used plugins you can apply to protect your WordPress content effectively. While each of the 5 plugins mentioned above has its own pros and cons, they all help you mitigate the risk of leaking your idea partly.

If you want something free and simple, simply pick WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click or  Secure Copy Content Protection. Plugins like Water Mark WordPress Files or WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click, meanwhile, give a wide range of different useful features to secure your content.

There is no 100% effective solution to protect your valuable WordPress content. We hope all our information can help you make a wise choice. Let us know how we have you make the decision in the comment section in the comment section below!