Top 10 Best WordPress Audio Player Plugins

WordPress audio player plugin is a very useful tool to add sounds to websites and share them with visitors. Especially, if you’re a podcaster or a musician, this feature brings a different experience to you and your site.

Adding sounds to your website improves the user experience and strengthens your connection with people. Obviously, the more enhanced the relationship between your site and visitors is, the greater possibility that they’ll introduce your site on social media platforms and to their network.

This article will demonstrate the benefits of adding an audio player on your site and the best plugins to handle the job.

Why Do You Need to Add Audio Files?

Adding audio files to your WordPress site has many benefits.

Let’s say you’re a musician or a sound artist posting a preview of your album or audiobook on your site. This approach will increase sales and also bring more people to your site. You can market your album or art works before it goes on sale. This reduces the hesitation in customers’ minds, and thus, boosting sales.

Likewise, if you intend to introduce a book or written content, sharing it as an audio file could be a fresh idea. When your promotion method is different from other content creators, chances are that your site can engage more visitors.

In this example, visitors can listen to the book or content while doing other business. This is an attractive option for your readers/customers to interact with your content. As a result, your site traffic will rise.

Podcast publishers should be interested in uploading audio files to sites, too. This is absolutely an effective way to draw the audience’s attention.

Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress audio player plugins and what they can offer you.

#1 Seriously Simple Podcasting


Although Seriously Simple Podcasting is developed to create and share podcasts, it comes with many features.

One of them is the music player plugin with minimal settings. You can view the playlists created on your site using shortcodes and widgets. Also, you can play multiple pieces of music in your playlist. In addition, it’s possible to add cover images, descriptions, and other elements to the media player.


Seriously Simple Podcasting is a free plugin. However, it introduces four plans so you can enjoy premium features.

The Starter plan is beginner friendly, costing $19. For podcasters who desire more features to extend their business, the Growth plan is affordable at $49 per month. The Pro plan containing more features is $99. The Premium Plan is available for large businesses and heavy user sites, starting at $499.


#2 Music Player for WooCommerce


Music Player for WooCommerce is one of the best tools for adding a music player to a site. A free version is available and has all the features you need to add sound to your website. The paid version enables you to add a preview music track.

After that, users can view your work if you approve it. This feature isn’t attached in the free version, which means it doesn’t let you provide a sample for customers.


The free version of the plugin gives all the features to add a music player to your site. Try its paid plan if you wish to work with a few special features. For £30, you can enjoy extra features of the plugin.


#3 Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting


PowerPress Podcasting by BluBrry is another WordPress music player plugin on the market that has great functionality. Its free version offers more features than other plugins. One of the main purposes of this tool is to set up podcasts.

With PowerPress, you can easily create a podcast in simple mode. The plugin also has an advanced mode.

Although PowerPress is aimed to create podcasts, the plugin assists you to make playlists with your audio files. It also provides the opportunity to perform SEO, and create custom podcast channels and categories.


You can choose from two paid plans. The standard plan is $10 with limited features. The full-featured Advanced plan with up to 400MB of storage costs $17 and has a 30-day free trial.


#4 Fusebox


Fusebox is designed for podcasts too. But the WordPress music player plugin is also available. With this plugin, you can generate your own library and fill it easily. Ideal for music or podcasts, this plugin can be applied for snippets that your audience can download once.


Fusebox launches two separate plans. One is for those starting out to create new podcasts. Another is for those who already made podcasts and intend to expand their business.

The Starter plan is $7.50 per month with essential features for a beginner podcaster. You can pay $15.83 for the Pro plan to reach more people and experience different features.


#5 AudioIgniter Music Player


AudioIgniter is an ideal plugin to share your music. With this free plugin, you have unlimited playlists on your site and upload as many tracks as you want.

You can combine this plugin with WooCommerce to sell music, especially if you’re making money from this model.

The player’s settings are customizable. You can use the “Buy Tracks” URL field. At the same time, with this add-on, you can stream radio programs through this music player. Plus, you can show or hide the track name, artist, etc. in playlists.

#6 Html5 Audio Player


Html5 Audio Player is often preferred in blog posts because it has a minimalist look. The free version has features for installing the music player. Also, there is a download button next to each player that allows visitors to download the audio.

The professional version, on the other hand, provides tons of customization features. You can access the download button as well as the fast forward and rewind buttons.


Html5 Audio Player offers only one paid plan. You can enjoy premium features by paying $30 for a single site license once.

#7 Gutenberg


You can add a music player to your site with the Gutenberg plugin. Gutenberg is a free plugin with many customization options.

One of the best parts is that you can place the player anywhere on the site. You are able to add files to your site from your own server or embed them from any podcast feed. It has basic settings such as autoplay, loop, and preloading. It is manageable within posts and pages.

#8 MP3 Audio Player for Music, Radio, & Podcast


MP3 Audio Player is another user-friendly tool to add a music player that is stylish and professional.

With the free version, you can change the color, font, and wavefront properties of your music player. This makes it ideal for podcasters and music producers alike. There is a paid version as well as a paid plan. With the Pro plan, you can access all playlists on any page or post.

If you are selling your music, the plugin has an interesting feature for you. You can insert an “Add to Cart” button next to the player so that your listeners can easily buy it.


The MP3 Music Player designs four different paid plans.

You can get the limited-to-1 site plan for $39. If you earn income from your music, WooCommerce supported plans will be perfect fits. WooCommerce support plans cost $69 for one site and $99 for unlimited sites. By paying $179 once, you can become a lifetime member and enjoy all the features.


#9 ZoomSounds


ZoomSounds, with a very stylish interface, is known as one of the best-in-class audio player plugins. It’s the ticket for podcasters and musicians. The plugin has various fonts and color schemes and is customizable.

At the same time, ZoomSounds attracts the attention of users with its waveform feature. You can visualize rhythm waves while playing music.

The plugin not only allows you to upload sounds but also lets you accept sounds from the target audience. After accepting the incoming sounds, you can play the sounds with the Front End Audio Submission form.


You can have Zoom Sounds for a one-time payment of $25. This fee includes all paid features and updates, and six months of support. By paying an extra $7.50, you can extend the plan, which includes 12 months of support.

#10 tPlayer


tPlayer is an HTML5-based music player. It is preferred for many purposes. It’s suitable for selling podcasts, streaming radio, music, or audiobooks.

tPlayer provides a unique experience for your users with a simple and elegant interface. Your listeners can download the music you add. The experience can be enhanced with fast forward or rewind.

The tool works seamlessly with WooCommerce. If you’re selling your tracks, listeners can purchase the tracks from the “buy music” link.


tPlayer has a one-time fee of $25 with all its premium features and updates, including 6 months of support. You can take advantage of 12 months of support by paying an extra $17.63.


You can watch this tutorial video for adding and protecting an audio playlist on your WordPress site.

Be the Voice of Your Users

There is no doubt that a good music player site affects the user experience. Audio grabs the attention of your music customers. This encourages you to increase traffic and improve your sales when monetizing your audio or music.

WordPress has a default audio player. You can find the necessary features in this audio player. However, there is no doubt that a music player with a sleeker interface, more user-friendly, premium features, and customization will pay off for your market efforts.

If you are a podcast publisher, you can reach millions of people by using mentioned add-ons. Thanks to these plugins, you can gain more customers and simultaneously keep your audience in your hands. At the same time, your SEO rate will rise. Good SEO means more recognition.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to our website for more useful information!