Use Cases

Explore how you can use Prevent Direct Access Gold and its extensions in the real world.

Online Video Footage

Enable videographers to secure their video footage online.

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eBook Stores

Prevent users from sharing your ebooks widely by limiting download times or blocking malicious IP addresses.

Gift Card Selling Sites

Secure downloadable JPG/GIF gift cards in WooCommerce stores. Expire the download links after a given time.

Data Management Sites

Restrict access to files including sensitive data that users upload to your site through forms.

Paid Stock Photos Sites

Allow photographers to secure individual photos as well as the whole albums.

Freebies, Giveaways, & Thank-you Page

Helps online marketers to protect their giveaways and thank-you page against unauthorized access.

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Business Corporate Websites

Keep prying eyes off private pages & posts on corporate websites. Protect files against search indexing & direct access.

WooCommerce Clothing Stores

Protect your unique cloth images from being reused with Watermark WordPress Files.

Online Guitar Courses

Let students view instruction videos without downloading them. Protect videos hosted on Amazon S3 buckets.

Healthy Food Blogs

Provide members with a link to pages embedding healthy food preparing videos on your membership site.

Password Protected Content

Stop unwanted users from searching for and accessing images or videos embedded on private pages and posts.