Online Guitar Courses

Experienced in teaching guitar with many years of training, you’ve always wanted to have your own class and make use of your excellent guitar skills. Opening a brick and mortar classroom is costly. Not to mention that you’re struggling only to reach a small number of students. That’s why using WordPress and a Learning Management System (LMS) is a much better approach.

You can set up a tutorial WordPress website specializing in guitar lessons from basic to advanced level, which would be much more effective in the long run. In addition, your students also benefit a lot from online guitar learning. They’ll be free to study wherever they feel comfortable. Most will stay at home, save commute time and other expenses. By simply accessing learning materials uploaded to your site in the form of tutorial videos or PDF guideline files, students can practice playing any time and as often as they want.

However, have you ever been afraid that materials you’ve worked hard to prepare and compile can be used by unwanted users like non-subscribers, or friends of subscribers, or even your competitors? If your website contains valuable and unique resources about guitar guidelines, other people will be tempted to “borrow” them without asking for your permission. Obviously, how soon this will happen is just a matter of time. So what should you do to protect your work from being used by unwelcome users?

Let’s Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold and its extensions help!

Protect Your Guitar Online Courses With Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold

Understanding your needs to protect precious training materials, PDA Gold offers a comprehensive security solution for your website.

First of all, PDA Gold helps protect all file types with an unlimited number of files. You can totally be assured that your teaching materials will not be accessed directly by Google search or anyone without permission via the original file links. As a result, all unauthorized access will be redirected to a 404 error page or a custom No Access page.

LearnDash, as a popular LMS used by many online course websites’ owners, is well integrated with PDA Gold as well. We’ve developed LMS LearnDash Integration that is dedicated for PDA Gold and LearnDash users. The extension allows you to protect your teaching documents easily and comprehensively from content thieves. Only students that have enrolled in your courses are granted access.

Moreover, it’s possible to protect files not only uploaded to WordPress but also located outside of WordPress. It’s when our PDA Gold – Access Restriction extension comes in handy. It lets you protect selective folders under uploads without any hassle. If you’re suffering from losing a large amount of income due to unauthorized access sharing, Access Restriction will be your rescuer. It identifies strange IP addresses not included in your whitelist and prevents them from accessing your protected files immediately.

Bonus Tips

You should display copyright for PDF guideline files. Right when you finish your work, it’s protected by copyright and you don’t need to register. However, it’s recommended that you add who owns the material and when it was created. Your work would show something like “Copyright © 2018 – 2020 Owner.”

For both text and images, you can also use watermarks to ensure that your products will not be misused. Also, watermarks make them less attractive to a targeted data theft.

Online instrumentation courses have become more and more popular due to their utility for both learners and teachers. Once you’re done setting up your guitar e-learning website with WordPress and LMS, let Prevent Direct Access Gold and its extension help you guard your intellectual work from sharing, downloading and unwelcome users with an all-in-one solution.

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