Online Video Footage

As a videographer, you know how every short clip or footage can make an imperative contribution to a meaningful product.

A lot of videographers, both professionals and freelancers, choose to share or sell their footages online, through video stock platforms or their personal blogs.

The videos you uploaded can be sorted in a wide range of classifications such as raw footage, well-edited videos or videos with special effects. The quality of video resolutions differ from standard definition (360p), HD (720p), to full HD (1080p), 4K, or even 8K.

If you have a chance to work with big sites including Shutterstock, Adobe or Videohive, you might not be worried about protecting your work.

However, as a freelancer or a small footage stock site owner, it’s likely you want to show the world your work, and hopefully, make good money from them. Whatever the reason is, you definitely need to consider having a tool to secure your products.

Since the Internet is an open-door market for everyone, using footage without permission happens so often recently. Bad-intentioned users even install outside downloader tools to inspect or download your videos without your consent.

No matter what channels you choose to upload your works, it’s certain that you want your devoted products to be protected well. That’s when Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold comes in handy

PDA Gold enables you to shield your videos by restricting any unauthorized access. Only logged-in users or certain memberships can have permission to access your files, depending on your settings.

In case you worry your videos will be shared by those members, the plugin allows you to manually or automatically deactivate or delete private download links. You will have complete control over who or when they can access your files.

Even better, the Videos & Audios Protection extension allows users to view but not download your videos and audios without permission. This powerful extension can even intercept the most popular file downloader, i.e. Internet Download Manager, to download your source files.

Loading speed is another matter of concern for any video sites. The Protects WordPress Videos extension doesn’t slow down your site performance at all while offering adequate protection to your videos.

To provide a safe playground for any creative professionals to express their passion, PDA Gold is an indispensable tool well recommended on WordPress.

Install Prevent Direct Access Gold now to get you a wonderful companion on your journey!