Private Family Website

Connect Members with Family Website

Life is busy. People grow up and are quickly caught up in the whirlwind with careers, children, and other engagements. It is one of the factors driving family members drifted apart.

Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, people now get multiple ways to stay in touch with their beloved ones. Among these methods, family websites have emerged as a great solution for connecting relatives.

In addition to helping family members to keep in contact easier, family websites also support them to learn more about their family history. What’s more, it is an efficient way to get kids, who tend to be hooked on Netflix series and video games, involved with their families.

Google Keeps Indexing Family Private Files

For security purposes, only some parts of the website should be public. Meanwhile, the rest including children’s images, private documents, family plans, etc., are accessible to members only.

In this case, a membership site is indeed a perfect choice allowing logged-in members to view and download private files. This proves useful as you can control all the access in advance without worrying about unwanted direct entries.

However, as a matter of fact, you cannot prevent Google from crawling your private files. Non-members thereby can access these files through the original URL indexed by Google and ranked somewhere on search results.

Protect Family Private Files with PDA Gold

Setting your site public while keeping those family files private actually brings huge benefits. Non-members are able to surf your website to learn about your extended family while only allowed relatives are permitted to view the non-public parts. Also, the private files should be prevented from indexing by Google.

It’s where the Prevent Direct Access Gold (PDA Gold) plugin, which guarantees to carry that weight off your mind in the twinkling of an eye, comes in handy.

Our plugin authorizes you to secure your family’s private files from unwanted access. Also, you can restrict file access to logged-in users only with the help of PDA Gold.

What’s more, you can even block Google and other search engines from indexing your files. Then, when unauthorized users attempt to read and download protected file URLs, they will be redirected to a 404-not-found page.

Install Prevent Direct Access Gold and secure your family website now!