Protect Giveaways and Thank-you Pages

To make sure your marketing strategy is still on track, you need to keep an eye on not only freshening up your blog or optimizing your site for SEO but also interacting actively on social media channels. Have you ever considered using giveaways as parts of your marketing strategy?

Incorporating giveaways prove one of the most efficient marketing solutions to engage your visitors; nurture and convert leads to customers. It also helps you gain product exposure by generating buzz around your brand.

Additionally, giveaways don’t require much money or a lot of technical knowledge to implement. In fact, it usually takes less than a week for online business owners to launch a giveaway campaign.

The process of sending giveaways is pretty simple. When users subscribe to your WordPress site, you can send them an email with a link to the thank-you page where they can download the giveaways, e.g. an ebook or checklist.

However, not all subscribers will keep your PDF Guides, Ebooks, or Checklists as their own gifts. Some people might share the thank-you page or the downloadable file link with their friends or relatives via emails or Facebook groups.

As a consequence, unauthorized users can get giveaways without registration or subscription. Then, you lose a large number of email leads.

Protect WordPress Pages and Posts is your way to go. The plugin enables you to secure giveaway thank-you pages via private links. Instead of sending users the original thank-you page’s URL, you can generate protected links and share them with users. These links will expire after 3 clicks or 5 days (depending on your settings).

Any attempts to access the original thank-you page URL will be redirected to a 404 not-found page. You’re able to create unlimited private links for a thank-you page with a single click. There is an option for you to customize the secure links to make it more memorable to users. For example:

  • Random Access Link:
  • Custom Access Link:

Install the PPP plugin and protect your business now!