Protect Gym Videos from Being Downloaded

The rise of online workout videos

Exercising at home has been the norm recently. Most officers couldn’t manage their time to go to the gym due to busy working schedules. Some of them also have to travel frequently. Instead of being a sometimes exerciser, they prefer using training videos to transform themselves into daily exercisers.

You coach workout and fitness at the gym. However, just offering offline training isn’t enough to acquire your reputation. Without providing online fitness training videos, you’re really missing out on a good way to make money from your gym coaching career.

Online training videos are incredibly convenient for both you and your students. You can make a video once and teach thousands of students at a time. Online learning also creates a privacy environment for self-conscious people. Learners can follow these videos any time without being at the mercy of a gym schedule.

Online video piracy

There are thousands of free fitness videos available on the Internet. Most of them are from famous trainers. Still, these videos are just for beginners or they provide general exercises and advice.

No one offers something for free, neither do gym trainers. Their free videos can serve as a hook to attract more viewers and subscribers. Once people are interested in the channel, they tend to pay for more advanced training videos.

This raises a digital piracy problem. Some students or paid-members pay for the course, then download and share advanced videos with their friends or relatives. Several people even resell these videos for commercial purposes. As a consequence, you lose a large amount of income.

How to deal with fitness video piracy problem

You need to find a proper solution to stop this issue. Preventing members from downloading your videos and providing different access permissions are highly recommended. For example, while general and short videos are accessible to all people, the advanced ones should be available only when your learners subscribe, become a member, and log in.

Another method is to make pages embedding videos accessible for a given time. After that, these pages will expire automatically without deleting or taking them off your site.

Protect your online gym videos

Prevent users from downloading videos

Our Protect WordPress Videos & Audios plugin allows you to embed and secure both your WordPress videos and audios in the easiest way.

Other download managers permit logged-in members to view and download your videos and audios. Our solution, on the other hand, authorizes paid members to view videos only. They’re not allowed to download these videos, even with the help of video downloaders such as Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Restrict access to pages embedding videos

Protect WordPress Pages and Posts (PPP) plugin restricts access to pages in which your videos are embedded by user roles or expiration time.

Upon installation and activation, you can add a new WordPress page or post to your WordPress site. After that, embed your video there and protect that page and post. Then grant access permissions and create private links.

First of all, PPP blocks all users from viewing the page’s original URL. Only logged-in members with access permissions are able to open this link and view the page with the video.

In addition, you can generate unique private links that can expire after a certain time or a number of clicks. As a result, even though your members share this link with others, they won’t be able to access or view it.

Follow these 3 steps to protect your advanced fitness videos:

  1. Protect your videos from being downloaded with our Protect WordPress Videos & Audios plugin
  2. Create a WordPress page or post and embed that video in the content
  3. Protect that page with the Protect WordPress Pages and Posts plugin so that you can
  • Restrict that page’s access to logged-in users only
  • Create a private link to expire the page with the video within a period of time

Install Protect WordPress Videos & Audios and Protect WordPress Pages and Posts to protect your gym videos from being downloaded now!