Protect University Website Materials

More than 50 top universities are using WordPress to power their main marketing websites. At least another 20 are using the CMS for department and school microsites.

Notably, WordPress has been trusted by many reputable universities including Harvard, Standford, Boston, or Georgia university, just to name a few.

Private University Materials

Websites play a crucial role in introducing and promoting every university’s brand such as its courses and infrastructure to potential students. It’s also a place where major academic research and studies are published to the students and community’s benefits.

Besides, there’re also different types of private research and confidential information that should be kept within specific students or faculties. It could be a special event, internal research sources, and scholarship offers.

Some art universities, in particular, frequently hold exhibitions to show off their students and local artists’ works. These events and related information are normally set private and restricted to certain authors and invited guests.

How to Protect Confidential Teaching Materials

Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold allows University admins to secure any school-related materials uploaded on their WordPress Media library. For example, documents related to research, announcements, course curriculums will be protected against the outsiders. So are their associated pictures and video courses.

Restrict Private Material Access

Some universities only want to provide materials for internal use. Hence, it’s essential to have certain access restrictions based on user roles. For instance, only certain faculty admins and teachers can upload and manage University lessons and related documents. Other roles and students themselves won’t be able to access these materials.

Block Training Materials from Appearing on Search Results

Also, PDA Gold requests Google or any search engines not to display these files once they are shielded. Private lectures and workshops will no longer appear on search results which minimizes the chance of unauthorized accesses. Students have to visit and log into their school websites instead of finding information directly on Google.

Better Protect Than Regret

With the support of Prevent Direct Access Gold, Universities can feel assured their private teaching and training materials won’t be leaked out and utilized without permission.

Stop information leak-out and illegal usage. Install Prevent Direct Access Gold to secure University courses and materials now!