Protect Your Ebook Excerpts


Do you intend to sell ebooks on your WordPress website? There are definitely a lot of things to handle. You need to choose the right ebook themes for your site, add great content to your blog, write compelling book descriptions, and so on.

Have you ever thought of citing excerpts from an ebook and offering them to users in article formats? This serves as one of the best sales tools that not many authors or booksellers have taken into account. Users can subscribe to read a section or a short extract of the book. This helps capture potential customers without forcing them to make any purchases.

The challenge lies in how to protect your profound ebook excerpts. Once published, these articles are accessible to everyone forever by default. As a consequence, they can be shared widely without your permission. That’s why you need a solution to protect your ebook excerpts.

Proposed solutions

There are several ways to protect article-format extracts of your ebooks. For example, you can either set passwords or use a membership site.

However, we have come up with a different solution to help you solve this problem. Our plugin helps protect the excerpt's original URL so that no one is able to access it. Subscribers can access these book extracts via private links only.

Protect page URLs of demo content

Protect WordPress Pages and Posts plugin helps secure the URLs of your excerpts by creating private links. You can use these links to share with your subscribers, instead of the original URLs. Here's an example of the original URL of a demo article and its private link:

Original page URL:
Private link:

Any attempts to access original content URLs will be redirected to 404 pages. Only whitelisted roles like admins are able to view them. Our plugin blocks search engines from indexing your ebook extract pages too. In other words, your ebook extracts won’t display on any search results pages.

Private links, meanwhile, will become invalid after a given time or a number of clicks depending on your settings. So even when your subscribers share them with others, they can’t access your protected content once the links expire.

Customize private links

It’s simple and straightforward to create private links for ebook excerpts using our Protect WordPress Page & Posts plugin. You can automatically or manually generate private links for your excerpt pages. Each article can have as many private links as you’d like.

Once visitors submit an email form, a private link of the ebook’s short extract will be auto-generated. This private link will be displayed on thank-you pages or sent to their mailboxes. You only need to simply add a shortcode to your form settings page.

Our PPP plugin generates random private links by default. However, it’s possible to customize and make private links more meaningful to your users. It takes only a single step to do the customization. Instead of sending subscribers this private link, you can turn it into something like

Future improvement

We have integrated Protect WordPress Pages and Posts with Prevent Direct Access Gold. It proves useful to protect demo videos in your excerpt pages. Our PPP works seamlessly with WooCommerce email templates as well allowing you to send private links to subscribers automatically.