Recipe Websites

Build your Recipe Websites

As a “master chef” of your own kitchen and a true food lover yourself, having a website to share your unique recipes with other foodies seems to be a brilliant idea. You can upload self-taken delicious photos, write about new cooking recipes, express opinions on nutrition speaking from your own experience. Or anything related to food in general that you would love to share with the site visitors. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Obviously, you do not want everyone to easily access or even steal your hard-to-produce recipe files which took you days and months to come up with. It’s very wise of you to offer 2 types of recipes: free recipes and exclusive recipes for subscribers-only. While the free recipes are for the general public, you must think of a way to protect all premium recipe files from non-subscribers.

What’s more, you want to attract more people to your site and increase the number of subscribers as well. In this social media age, sharing your recipes on Facebook proves an efficient approach to get more “likes” as well as “follows”.

In fact, amplifying your media coverage helps build your brand much better than the traditional ways. Unexpectedly, you may also attract those uninvited guests who intend to steal your brainwork from those social media channels. So how to share and protect your recipes from online piracy at the same time?

It’s simple, Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold can help!

Protect Premium Recipes with Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold

Every image, recipe file and document once uploaded to WordPress media library will be protected with PDA Gold effortlessly. Unauthorized users will be redirected to your 404 error page when attempting to access and download these files.

You can choose which user roles can access these files along with how long and how many times they’re allowed to access those precious files. In this case, only your subscribers are allowed to view recipe files without any hassle. Other users cannot access and steal your recipes by all means.

Exclusive recipes are now for subscribers only. All food lovers excited to learn your recipes have to subscribe to your website to see what they are missing out.

Share Precious Recipes on Social Media

Not to mention, protecting and sharing your cooking recipes with other foodies on social media channels is just a breeze.

By default, our PDA Gold blocks all web crawlers including Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, and more. Therefore, when you share your file URLs on these channels, the file previews are protected and won’t display to viewers. But there is an option to grant specific web crawlers access.

Once your files are all shielded, sharing them on social networks is just a piece of cake. Simply turn on this option and select Facebook. As a result, Facebook bots are allowed to crawl data from your site and display the file preview once it’s being shared publicly.

You don’t have to worry about leaking your recipes to the public and lose potential subscribers though.

While everyone on Facebook can see the file previews you share, anyone attempting to access the file URLs directly without your permission will get no luck. They are required to be subscribers first. Thus, you can put your mind at ease and focus on creating more special cooking recipes for your WordPress recipe site.

Get PDA Gold now to protect your precious recipes from being downloaded and shared widely on the web. At the same time, enjoy showing your proudest dishes and connecting with other foodies.