Why and How to Watermark WooCommerce Product Images

Pixsy questioned their photographers and 64% of them said that their works had been used without permission. As professional photographers, graphic designers, and image creators, we always wish their images to be protected, especially photos serving commercial purposes.

It’s far too risky to let your images, especially WooCommerce product images available on the web without any protection solution. Others can steal and reuse them easily. Imagine somebody has your product images displayed on their site. This affects the customer experience since they see no differences between your products and others.

There are several ways to secure WooCommerce product images. And WooCommerce experts recommend watermark as an outstanding method. You’re wondering why?

In this post, we’ll answer this question clearly, along with detailed instructions on how to add watermark to WooCommerce product images.

Why Watermark WooCommerce Product Images

You can do many things to retain full control of your images. They each come with their own set of benefits and shortcomings that can greatly handle the protection process.

Other ways to protect WooCommerce product images

  • Register the copyright to images – Users firstly think of registering the copyright to their images. It provides legal evidence of your ownership of the files. However, the process might take you time and effort. Additionally, there are still exceptions when applying this rule, for example, your images are the works for hire.
  • Use a digital signature on images – You’re able to include a digital signature on your photos too. Although the images are visual as normal on the web, they will display your signature when downloaded.
    However, this enables image hotlinking since users can embed your images in their content via direct links. As a consequence, digital signatures won’t bother image thieves anymore.
  • Add a transparent foreground layer to an image – Last but not least, it’s possible for you to add transparent foreground layers to block users from downloading your product images. In other words, they will receive a blank photo when attempting to get the picture.

In fact, not all platforms allow you to use this method. It’s ideal for a personal website.

The importance of watermark WooCommerce product images

Unlike other methods, watermark secures your WooCommerce product images without much hassle. You can add a copyright symbol, company logos, or even a piece of branding text to the photos.

Not only main WooCommerce product images need watermark but also catalog thumbnails, popup product images, and small thumbnails. Most watermark plugins support them all.

There is no more worry about the complex copyright registration process. You can avoid choosing a suitable platform when adding a hidden foreground layer to your image too. And the digital signature on online photos is no longer your problem now.

On top of that, when users keep seeing the watermark on images, they will remember your brand easier.

How to Watermark WooCommerce Products

You have multiple choices when searching for a watermark WooCommerce product solution. Depending on the types of images you would love to watermark, for example, images illustrating products or PDFs, you can decide the right plugin.

Watermark WordPress Files assists you in watermarking WooCommerce PDF products. You can add watermark symbols to your PDF files and embed them directly into your content with a cool PDF viewer.

Watermark your WooCommerce PDF products with a custom text and a single click. There are options to customize the watermark position, color, opacity, and font size. Previewing the PDF with the watermark before applying makes it easy for you to edit and adjust the file.

It’s really easy to install and use the plugin. The following guide will show you how:

  1. Download the Watermark WordPress Files plugin
  2. Upload the plugin to your WordPress site by going to PluginsAdd NewUpload Plugin and choose the downloaded plugin’s file
  3. Enter the license key then activate Watermark WordPress Files plugin
  4. Go to the Watermark tab in the plugin settings page
  5. Select a watermark type: text or image-based
  6. Provide watermark text and set other custom settings
  7. Save your settings and go the Products → click Add Watermark option

Make Use of WooCommerce Watermarked Product Images

Instead of putting effort into creating a digital signature or registering the copyright, you can watermark to protect your product images. There are multiple purposes to do so. You can save time and comprehensively protect your works as well as promoting your brand with a simple mark.

Watermark WordPress Files is a very easy-to-use plugin to show a watermark on WooCoomerce product illustrations. You can add a watermark to all your product images at once with a few basic settings.

Still have a question about how to watermark product photos? Let us know in the comment section below.