5 Excellent WordPress Asset Management Plugins

Digital asset management is a system that offers file storage, organization, and delivery, including images, videos, and audio files. As a good system, it should provide you with flexibility to interact with digital assets with certain security.

In the Media Library, WordPress has already given you a digital asset management system. Nonetheless, it lacks the most basic features such as accessing, sharing, or cataloging.

Worry not, developers have solved the problem for you. There are tons of WordPress plugins on the market that have the essential features to manage assets efficiently.

WordPress digital asset management plugins work like a storage service such as Dropbox and Google Drive. But they support more than just uploading and sharing.

Check this article out for the top 5 best WordPress asset management plugins. Here we go.

Why Do You Need WordPress Asset Management Plugins?

Before figuring out the options, we should know why we need them first. The 4 reasons below prove the superiority of digital asset management system as well as the WordPress plugins:

Save time: If you find it hard to find your images, videos, or documents, let the digital asset management plugins handle it. Consider the plugins as somewhere to save your digital assets and you can bring it back up whenever you need.

Cost less: As mentioned above, the digital asset management plugins and some cloud storage services share some useful features. However, the more users use other cloud storage services, the more the package’s price increases. On the other hand, the digital asset management plugins users worry less about such issues.

Concentrate your files: Digital asset management is beneficial because it lets everybody access and store data when necessary. With your storage centralized by the plugins, you and your colleagues can easily access digital content from almost everywhere.

Clean up easily: Leaving too many unnecessary files in your personal computer can make it operate slower by time. With digital asset management plugins, decluttering your WordPress site does not remain as a burden anymore.

Top 5 Best Asset Management Plugins

#1 Digital Asset Manager


Digital Asset Manager is mainly for freelancers and agencies on WordPress to manage their plugins and themes. It will significantly save you time with the asset organization.

You can add plugins and themes with license key, and asset type with Digital Asset Manager. Moreover, you also have various options of asset type to set. Finally, the plugin supports multiple custom fields to add download URL, credentials, and private notes.

#2 Prevent Direct Access


In order to protect your assets, you need Prevent Direct Access Gold to handle the job. The plugin and its features deserve more recognition as it is rated 4.8/5 stars on WordPress.

One of the PDA Gold’s remarkable features is the asset protection from PNG, JPEG, ZIP, DOCX, PDF, and MP3 to MP4. The protection feature only gives file link access to authorized users. If there is any attempt to read and download the files without your permission, they will encounter a 404 error page.

#3 Password Protect WordPress


Password Protect WordPress Pro simply assists you in password protecting your WordPress assets. Consequently, users must enter the correct passwords to access your WordPress site and its content as well.

PPWP Pro lets you grant passwords based on specific user roles and IP addresses to prevent password sharing. Moreover, you can set the password usage limits and expiration time to make sure that you achieve certain content security. Also, you can either set multiple passwords per post or use one password for multiple posts with PPWP Pro.

#4 FileBird


FileBird improves WordPress media library with a better interface, a more intuitive way to organize and view your files. This plugin supports you in decluttering your media library to save you time and energy.

Users are able to drag and drop files to relocate, rename, create, and delete folders thanks to interface utilization. Also, you can easily insert an image into a post by choosing it from a folder or category.

#5 Folders


Folders can organize your assets tidily in folders such as photos, videos, website pages, and blog posts. Besides, the plugin offers multiple folders to store your important files.

For developers, it provides features where they can keep pages of websites by order while developing. You can make folders identifiable by marking a folder or renaming files individually.

Bloggers can easily manage their whole collection of data comfortably. Furthermore, they can make content easily filterable by assigning categories, topics, and dates. It is a suitable tool for content creation because it puts all your assets into directories to save your time.

Manage All Your Assets At Once!

Digital assets are fundamental because it is everything you need to build your own website from scratch effectively. Nevertheless, many users find it difficult to manually manage assets with the built in WordPress asset management system. That’s when the WordPress asset management plugins come into play.

Do you find this article helpful enough? Are there any outstanding WordPress asset management plugins should we consider? Please let us know in the comment section below!