Top 6 WordPress Dropbox Plugins for Better File Management

Files are the core of every business since they contain collected and selected research and marketing strategies data. As a business owner, you should be concerned about the content management system and cloud storage service provider.

Nevertheless, WordPress lacks a well-tailored cloud service. The WordPress community has created plugins to address this issue, including making ways for Dropbox.  Dropbox is undoubtedly profound with its file storing feature while WordPress reigns over the content management system industry.

Now we’ll walk you through the process of integrating these 2 powerful platforms to effectively optimize your file storage.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox has a long history in the industry as a significant free storage service provider. However, if you desire more than 2GB of storage space, consider going premium.

It provides a file synchronization feature to access and share your files easily no matter where and what device you are using. You can set up authorities to access certain files for specific roles. Thus, it is a remarkable tool for either individuals or teams.

If you are a WordPress user, using Dropbox to save your WordPress documents and media files is extremely important. Dropbox keeps your website backup, media files, and product data safe on the cloud for business. You can back up your entire WordPress site and restore the whole files when needed.

A WordPress Dropbox plugin will help you achieve that. In the next sections, we’ll analyze the benefits of Dropbox integration and recommend several useful plugins. Keep reading!

Benefits of WordPress Dropbox Integration

Integrating Dropbox with your WordPress site benefits you in many ways, such as:

Media storage: Dropbox can work as an alternative storage location instead of WordPress. You can upload your media files straight to Dropbox on any installation on WordPress.

File attachment: With Dropbox plugins, you can attach files to your content for users to download directly from Dropbox. This feature helps decrease the burden of capacity on your server.

Backup: Some plugins assist in scheduling to back your whole website data up in the cloud storage. In case of an emergency website collapse, those backups will come in handy for restoration.

WordPress Upload Form: There are plugins allowing visitors to upload files directly to their Dropbox account instead of the default WordPress server. Those plugins help you in establishing an upload form that leads to a Dropbox account.

For more details, refer to our guide on how to integrate Dropbox with WordPress.

Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress

#1 Embed Any Document Plus


Embed Any Document allows users to present documents on your WordPress posts and pages. Not only Dropbox, but it also integrates with Google Drive and Box.com. Within a few clicks, you can select and embed a document into your website.

Normally, you can just put an external link in your WordPress content when you want to share a Dropbox file. Embed Any Document supports all types of documents from PDF, Excel, and Word to PowerPoint. Moreover, embedding documents is a great way to save your precious bandwidth.

#2 All-in-One WP Migration


All-in-One WP Migration works effectively as both a migration and backup plugin. You can completely back up your WordPress website, upload to a different host or site, and restore the data. The plugin has an installer for you to restore or build your WordPress site.

One standout feature of All-In-One WP Migration is that it can overcome WordPress uploading limitations. In case you cannot move the backups to your server, the plugin supports uploading them separately.

#3 UpdraftPlus


Another backup plugin in the list, UpdraftPlus stands out as the most popular Dropbox WordPress plugin. You can have a detailed view of your backups within the administrator area once you install the plugin. There is also a message which shows the progress of the backup and a report which shows the result of the backup.

UpdraftPlus supports backing up your site and restoring to not only Dropbox but also Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP, and OpenStack Swift. UpdraftPlus also provides an option which lets you access from the network dashboard. As a result, this allows you to back up and restore your websites individually.

#4 Dropr


Dropr earns its reputation as one of the best Dropbox WordPress plugins in the market. This plugin simply integrates with your WordPress site as a media library for better file management. You will be able to add any file to your WordPress content from the Dropbox account with Dropr.

Many new users consider Dropr newbie-friendly as it provides an easy interface and saves your bandwidth at the same time. The plugin makes the whole procedure of connecting the WordPress editor to the Dropbox account look so easy. Like any Dropbox plugin, Dropr supports all the popular file types from media files to PDF, Excel, etc.

#5 PDA Dropbox Integration


The PDA’s Dropbox Integration extension establishes an expiring shared link for WooCommerce downloadable products stored on Dropbox. You can sell digital products on Dropbox with this extension without having to upload files to your site. Moreover, expiring links prevent your customers from exposing your paid product files.

PDA also has an ultimate guide on how to expire Dropbox links. This will prevent the links from being accessible for too long and easily exploited.

For a Better File Management!

Since WordPress does not provide good file management, we must integrate a trustworthy storage service. Above all, the Dropbox plugins come into play with plenty of features to manage your valuable files. However, you should review carefully your desired features to optimize both the plugin’s advantages and the site’s performance.

Is there any plugin that we should review and add to the list? Please state your idea in the comment section below!