Top 4 WordPress File Download Manager Plugins Comparison

Prevent Direct Access GoldWordPress Download ManagerDownload MonitorSimple Download Monitor
Protected LinksPrivate Download LinksShared Private Links
FILE TYPEMedia FilesMedia FilesMedia FilesCustom post typeCustom post typeCustom post type
File URL1 linkMultiple links1 link1 link1 link1 link
Custom Slug
How to get linkWordPress File ManagementShortcodePlugin Popup ConfigurationShortcodeShortcodeShortcode
FILE PROTECTIONUsing htaccessUsing htaccessUsing htaccessUsing htaccessUsing htaccessUsing PHP
Role-based AccessCustom RolesCustom RolesCustom RolesCustom RolesLogged-in users
User-based Access
IP RestrictionWhitelist IP addressesWhitelist or Blacklist IP addressesBlacklist IP AddressesBlacklist IP Addresses
Domain Restriction
User Agent Restriction
Email Restriction
Limit Access based on Referrer Links
Usage LimitApplied for all usersApplied to per userApplied to per userApplied to per user
Expiraration TimeApplied for all usersApplied to per userApplied to per userApplied to per user
No Access Page
- Default 404 Page
- Custom URL
- Existing Page
Force Download
- by Password
- by Email
- by Gravity Forms
- by Ninja Forms
- by MailChimp
- by Campaign Monitor
- by Live Forms
- by Contact Form 7
- by Formidable Form
- by WP Forms
- by Capcha
- by Watermark
- by Twitter
- by Facebook
- by other Social Account
- by Google
- by Linkedln
IP address
Total click/view
- Count unique IPs only
Access Time
User Agent (Browser)
Reset Tracking Data
- S3
- Dropbox
- Wasabi
- Google Driver
- OneDrive