3 Best LearnDash Integrations

Learning style has shifted to a more modern and global interaction thanks to the development of the Internet. Online learning, or online courses, has helped thousands of people in the world have a chance to approach and broaden knowledge.

As a WordPress website owner, especially online course websites, you must be familiar with LearnDash. It’s the most popular learning management system (LMS) among several plugins in the WordPress repository. However, to fully extend the functionality of LearnDash, there are plenty of integrations that can bust your online course site powerful and unbreakable.

In this article, let’s see the reasons LearnDash gains more trust than other LMS plugins as well as in-deep reviews for the 3 most useful LearnDash integrations.

Now let’s dive in.

Why Should You Choose Learndash for Your Online Learning Site?

Instead of using other hosted LMSs available on the market, creating a WordPress website with LearnDash will give you full control over designing and managing an e-learning website.

With the hosted LMSs like Udemy, or Teachable, you don’t have to worry much. From the set-up process, hosting, and other technical details, they will do the job for you. But it only sounds wonderful at first. If you want to add more advanced features or design the courses according to your own style later, it would be impossible with the mentioned LMSs. These hosted LMSs simply,  meet the basic demand of the majority. So they are not updated or adjusted until there is high market demand.

LearnDash, on the other hand, offers you a stable foundation to run an online course website. Even a non-tech savvy person can install the plugin and follow the instruction easily. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, anyone in your team such as teachers, editors, administrators, can handle their tasks. No more the common scenarios of putting all the burden on the developers’ shoulders.

As a part of the WordPress plugin ecosystem, LearnDash integrates with several plugins, which helps fully extend its potential abilities. They are WooCommerce, Prevent Direct Access Gold – LearnDash integration, and File Access Restriction to name a few. With support from many add-ons, you’re more than welcome to create a one-of-a-kind learning environment as you’ve wished for.

3 Best Integrations for LearnDash

Among the integrations suggested on the LearnDash website, WooCommerce, LearnDash integration of Prevent Direct Access, and File Access Restriction extension are the most useful ones.

Let’s dig for more details of each plugin.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is popular since it supports most of WordPress’s online stores. Once you use your website to sell any products, there’s no way WooCommerce doesn’t appear in your Plugins.

When creating online courses, you rarely want to offer them free. This tool helps you turn your courses into salable or downloadable products with the WooCommerce shopping cart. The plugin also allows you to create a course bundle or add multiple courses into one package to serve different customers’ demands.

Your students or customers are able to make a purchase by using any payment gateway thanks to the plugin’s wide compatibility.

In addition, the integration tracks the status of customers strictly backing you in managing users. For instance, it will automatically remove users from courses as soon as they receive their refund or cancel any subscription.

Prevent Direct Access Gold – LearnDash Integration

Any materials that serve educational purposes deserve to be entirely protected from unauthorized users, especially those who profit from others’ efforts. Understanding how serious files sharing and files piracy can affect the survival of certain groups or businesses, Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold provides the finest solution for all the problems above.  

PDA Gold secures all file types uploaded on your WordPress site perfectly. The power of this plugin lies in the way it prevents unauthorized access to your protected files, including google indexing. Without your permission, anyone trying to approach your shielded teaching materials via direct files’ URLs or google search will be redirected to the 404 error page. 

Realizing the majority of WordPress e-learning sites are empowered by LearnDash, Prevent Direct Access introduces its LearnDash integration to make the protection more complete and effortless. 

Plus, separating which student groups of particular courses and modules helps to reduce the risk of sharing courses without permission. Learners are only able to interact with their enrolled courses rather than others’.

Access Restriction extension

This is another extension from Prevent Direct Access Gold that assists you in protecting course-related files stronger and more scientifically. 

Access Restriction saves you time on securing many files. With the bulk function for “Assign Permission”, granting multiple-file access permission no longer challenges your patient.

The extension even secures your files outside the WordPress uploads. Any files or folders in your WordPress directory can be protected as well. It becomes handy when managing multi-site or subsites.

To prevent authorized users from sharing their courses with others, you might need the IP restriction function to stop the suspicious IP addresses from accessing private materials. Besides blocking IP addresses, whitelisting certain IP addresses will let those users enter the shielded content without interruption.

Make Your e-Learning Site Remarkable and Reliable

Choosing the right LMS plugin to operate an online learning WordPress website isn’t hard any more thanks to LearnDash. It provides everything you can ask for an LMS plugin, from creating and designing courses, managing students and assignments, grading to securing private information. 

In order to achieve that, LearnDash makes itself compatible with most first-rate plugins in the WordPress repository.

With WooCommerce integration, selling your courses never seems easier. Afraid of your courses being shared or leaked out? Let Prevent Direct Access Gold and its extensions including LearnDash integration and Access Restriction do the job. They bring advanced features that can be found nowhere, and you’ll have full control over the accessibility of your files.