WordPress Organize Media in Folders: Instruction & Plugin Reviews

As your WordPress site or knowledge base media catalog expands, it can be challenging to keep files organized. This makes it more difficult to quickly discover the files you’re looking for.

The good news is that numerous excellent free or inexpensive WordPress Media Library plugins can help simplify your life. They provide you with access to folders or other organization options, much like you would find on a computer.

Scroll down for great tips on organizing WordPress files in media folders using plugins!

What is a WordPress Media Folder Plugin?

By default, WordPress allows you to upload files to the media library but it doesn’t support file sorting and management. All file uploads are automatically stored in the WordPress Uploads Folder.

In other words, you can’t organize your files. Thus, it’s complicated and time-consuming to manage your media library, especially when you have a large number of files.

Fortunately, a WordPress media folder plugin can help you overcome this limitation.

WordPress media folder plugin refers to a tool that lets you organize WordPress media files in folders. Once it is installed, you can manage all your media files inside the media manager views. This comes as the easiest way to control and enhance your library perfectly.

Can You Organize WordPress Media Into Folders?

Organizing WordPress files into folders has never been so simple with the WordPress Media Folders plugin.

With only one click, you can create folder management, which helps you drag and drop multiple images with great ease. By placing media in a folder and sub-folder, a media file can be stored easily in many other folders.

Your library display will be clean and neat once you open up your WordPress media library next time.

Why Should You Organize Files in Media Library Folders?

According to many experts, the Media Library Folders plugin offers many outstanding benefits compared to other free plugins. It helps you create unlimited folders to reduce server load and burden.

Instead of limiting the number of library folders created daily/monthly, you can create folders and delete files whenever needed.


To keep all files structured, the plugin stores them in folders organized by year and month. Besides, you can modify SEO images to specify titles with a friendly drag-and-drop interface.

With WordPress Media Folder, there are 4 easy-to-use themes to choose from, including WordPress default (enhanced), masonry, slider, and portfolio.

How to Organize WordPress Files In Media Library Folders

After installing WordPress, the first thing you need to update is setting up a WordPress plugin. There are more than 55,000 free plugins; choose the essential ones that your WordPress websites need.

If you want your media well-organized, install and activate the Media Library Folders plugin on the free WordPress plugin directory. Once the plugin is activated, you can see it in the admin dashboard menu.

Click on Media Library + in your dashboard, and it will display the contents of your uploads folder. Now, you’re able to see the folder level. Once you have created a folder, you can drag and drop your uploads into it.

However, the free version of the plugin only lets you create up to 10 folders. You can upgrade to the premium version if you want to have more.


Click on the folder and the Add File button to add your files. After that, go ahead and upload as many files as you want.

Adding your uploaded files to your posts or pages is simple. They can be added to the media library the same way as any other files you’ve uploaded.

3+ Best Plugins to Organize Your WordPress Media Library

In addition to WordPress Media Folders, there are numerous plugins that support file organization.

Let’s find out!

#1 FileBird

FileBird is a common choice for generating virtual media folders with a modern interface. In particular, it doesn’t have a long feature list. It’s just a lightweight choice for managing the media library with a virtual folder.

FileBird has many highlighted features, including creating virtual media folders unlimitedly. In addition, it offers a modern drag & drop interface with right-click assistance and bulk select files.


FileBird provides a nearly free version with full features at WordPress.org. The critical limit, yet, is that the cost-free version only allows you to generate about 10 folders.

Consider installing the Pro version to overcome the restriction. The Pro version also adds a few advanced sorting choices and other features.

#2 Folders

Another well-liked free tool that enables you to use virtual folders for file organization is Folders. It is nearly comparable to the FileBird plugin mentioned above.


However, it has one significant advantage over the FileBird’s free version. You can create an unlimited number of folders. To create subfolders, you must have the Pro version, though.

Besides, you can move and change items to make digital media folders with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. The Folders plugin helps you sort and organize media files into separate folders.

What’s more, it marks the particularly crucial files and lets you know which ones you should be aware of. Thus, the Folders plugin comes as the best tool for content makers since media assets can be uploaded quickly.

#3 Real Media Library

Real Media Library is another WordPress media library plugin. It organizes thousands of uploaded files into folders, collections, and galleries. With the assistance of the Real Media Library plugin, you can quickly create, rename, or delete folders without effort.

It provides 2 gallery folders that exclusively hold photos and a specific folder that contains all file formats except galleries.

The Collection folder is the third sort of folder. It can’t contain files but can be used to build a visual gallery. You can make dynamic galleries from the folder and arrange the photographs in them however you like.


Both Folders and FileBird are compatible with this WordPress media library plugin. Moreover, Real Media Library is developer-friendly and supports multisite. Developers can expand the plugin’s capabilities to synchronize with external folders in other ways.

How to Organize Your WordPress Files with FileBird

With FileBird, you can manage your WordPress media folders like a professional. The plugin allows you to add numerous multimedia files, such as images, videos, audios, etc., into your WordPress media library.

You can quickly organize all files using this media file manager’s drag-and-drop functionality between directories. The best thing about a folder-based organization is how quickly and easily you can discover the files you need.

To create folders and manage media files more easily, you first need to activate the FileBird plugin. Then, get your pictures and videos categorized.

If you accidentally create folders, you can move the folders and subfolders anywhere by simply dragging and dropping them. After that, you can click Add New to start uploading your files.

The folder to which you wish the files to be uploaded is selectable from a drop-down menu at the top. Pick a specific folder or subfolder and click Upload Files. As a result, your new folder will appear in the sidebar.


Prevent Direct Access to Media Folders

There comes a time where you desire to protect your media files from unauthorized access on your WordPress site.

That’s where the PDA Gold plugin comes in handy as it helps you make your upload files private and secure. Simply put, no one can access your files without your permission.

Additionally, you can restrict access to your upload files by user roles, expiration time, and IP addresses. Preventing front-end visitors from downloading and picking up your files on Google are also supported.

The coolest thing is that the plugin authorizes you to automatically protect all files contained in a folder or subfolder.

We’ve published a step-by-step guide on how to restrict access to WordPress files within folders. Check it out for more details.

Organize WordPress Media in Folders Like an Expert!

To sum up, WordPress Media Folders is a great media library plugin with a variety of themes and functions. Take for example, WordPress media ordering, filtering, and image watermark.

Moreover, the plugin is a real-time-saver as compared to the default WordPress media manager.

You can also consider other plugins for different functions. Each plugin has its own pros and cons to help you organize your media library perfectly. Hopefully, you find this blog on how to organize WordPress media in folders useful.

Also, don’t forget to protect your important files and folders with the PDA Gold plugin!