Best WordPress PDF Stamper to Watermark your Ebooks

Selling PDF ebooks on WordPress sites has been popular for a long time and recently became a growing trend. You just need to put effort into creating them once and sell them unlimitedly. You can write about any topic, from tutorials, case studies to self-experiences.

In fact, the process of selling ebooks doesn’t end at publishing them in your e-commerce store. Some customers buy your ebook then share it with their relatives and friends. Some even resell them to others at a lower price. You need to protect your PDF ebooks from these ill-intentioned users.

One of the best ways comes to stamp or watermark your PDF ebooks. You can display your brand name, logo, or any custom text there. But how effective is this method? How do you stamp PDF files? Let’s discuss these questions together.

Why Stamp Your WordPress PDF Ebooks

You may not notice, but customers keep sharing your hard-to-produce intellectual products. For those selling digital files on WooCommerce, you can set download limits on your PDF ebooks. This gives you the feeling that your products are safe enough.

However, your downloads are not secure at all. They can get indexed and show up on search results. Users will easily find and access them via their original URLs. So it requires you to prevent direct PDF ebook access and block search engines from indexing them.

What if customers download your products then reshare the files with others? Then you need an additional security layer, namely watermarking or stamping files. It’s a piece of text or photo appearing in the header, footer, or even in the center of your PDF ebook.

The watermark helps tell whose the file originally belongs to and effectively stops users from sharing, reselling, or using it widely.

Watermark WordPress Files – An Ideal WordPress PDF Stamper

There are tons of WordPress PDF stampers available out there, both free and premium. Watermark WordPress Files plugin turns out to be one of the best solutions.

Users love the plugin mainly for its ease of use. It just takes you a few clicks to set up and start adding a watermark to your PDF ebook. You can easily configure your watermark right on the plugin Settings page.

Plus, it allows you to automatically stamp PDF files uploaded via contact forms. Once a user uploads a file from the frontend, it’ll be watermarked immediately. You can decide what information will be displayed on the PDF, such as usernames or email addresses.

On top of that, the Watermark WordPress Files plugin gives you a chance to create a list of watermark presets so you can apply them to your files later.

Besides working as a WordPress PDF stamper, the plugin also functions as a PDF viewer and PDF content exporter. You can

  • Embed a PDF file to your WordPress page/post content
  • Create a preview of your files and, at the same time, prevent users from downloading it
  • Export one or multiple posts to a PDF file
  • Create a TOC for your exported PDF
  • Disable right-click anywhere on your WordPress site

How to Stamp WordPress PDF Ebooks

It’s simple to get started with the Watermark WordPress Files plugin. You can follow the tutorial below to stamp your PDF ebooks.

First, download Watermark WordPress Files and go to PluginsAdd New in your WordPress dashboard. Then click Upload Plugin and choose the plugin zip file you’ve just downloaded. Enter the license key sent to your email, activate the plugin, and you’re ready to go.


It now adds a new Watermark WordPress Files section to your admin dashboard navigation menu. Open the ‘Settings’ page to navigate your watermark.


The Watermark Type feature lets you decide if your watermark is a text or a photo. If it’s text-based, enter your watermark text in the box underneath. Then, pick the text font, size, color, and opacity.


For image-based watermarks, you need to enter the image URL and choose its size and transparency. Remember to select a position and rotation for both types of watermarks.

After that, preview your watermark to ensure it shows up correctly, then save your changes.

The last step comes to stamping your PDF ebook. Now open the Media Library and find the file you’d like to watermark. Hover its name, click ‘Add Watermark,’ and you’re done.


The plugin creates a new ebook file with the watermark now. Your original file will be stored in the wp-content/uploads/pda-watermark-backups file on your server. You’re able to stamp one ebook multiple times with many watermarks.

Watermark WordPress PDFs via File Upload Forms

File upload forms let users upload files to your site without logging in to the admin dashboard and touching the media library. They benefit various businesses, from recruitment agencies to banks, client services, or plugin customer support. Users can upload their CVs, credential files, or screenshots of their site issues.

Once these files are uploaded to the Library, Google will crawl and index them. To protect these files from unauthorized use, you should watermark them. What’s more, stamping uploaded items with users’ names or email addresses make it easier for you to clarify who uploaded them.

Watermark WordPress Files gives you a helping hand in automatically stamping your uploads. To achieve that, all you need to do is head over to the plugin Settings. Then, enable the ‘Auto Stamp New File Uploads via Contact Forms’ feature under Integration.


Once saving your changes, you’ll have all Ninja Forms upload fields added to a new watermark option. To allow stamping on a specific field, let’s disable this option on the rest of the fields by selecting ‘Disable auto-watermark’ from the dropdown list.

To customize your watermark, you can refer to our dynamic watermark in this doc.

Ready to Watermark Your WordPress PDF Files?

Watermarks prove an effective way to protect your PDF ebooks. You can display the company name, the copyright notice, or your brand logo to let users know the ebook’s owner.

Watermark WordPress Files comes with a perfect WordPress PDF stamper. You can add any text or image-based watermarks to your file effortlessly. Deciding the watermark characteristics has never been easier thanks to its user-friendly settings page. You’re also able to automatically stamp new PDF files via file upload forms.

Download Watermark WordPress Files and have your PDF ebooks stamped today!