10 WordPress Statistics Plugins for Better Insights

Thanks to the development of statistics and data science, decision-making is getting more and more accurate. Statistics give analysts the ability to closely track the performance of every segment of their businesses. Thus, they can respond timely whenever a performance decline occurs.

Statistics come as a helpful assistant for any organization in any field, and online businesses are no exception. The collected data helps you keep an eye on your site’s performance such as page views and bounce rates.

Check out these 10 useful WordPress statistics plugins to keep track of your site and grow your business effectively.

#1 Analytify

Analytify earned its reputation on the market as the best Google Analytics integration to WordPress. With this plugin, you do not have to be profound in either web development or analytics to understand the numbers. Analytify displays statistics from your WordPress dashboard in the most intuitive way.


In the free version, you can see the basic stats such as session length, bounce rates, page views, and so on. What makes Analytify outstanding is presenting the data of individual posts, pages, and custom post types. As a result, you can identify which social network or section brings the most web traffic to your site.

Once you go Pro, you gain a lot of additional features such as viewing the real-time statistics and setting up email notifications. Moreover, you can track the progress of your marketing campaign just inside the WordPress dashboard. Analytify Pro also supports displaying statistics on the front-end by using shortcodes and map visualization.

#2 WP Statistics

If you’re concerned about the stats trends and how to present them, WP Statistics is what you need. WP Statistics comes as a free yet useful plugin that focuses on displaying trends through graphs and charts. With no upselling and basic features, this is one of the most popular analytics plugins on the market.


WP Statistics supports web builders in ensuring their users’ privacy by obtaining data without sending them anywhere. Whether it is a mere overview or a detailed report, WP Statistics excels in showing users’ activities and real-time stats. However, you need add-ons to obtain flexibility in certain options such as customization, widgets, mini charts, and more.

#3 Jetpack

Not only analytics, Jetpack serves users as a multipurpose plugin. It supports designing, marketing, security, and performance enhancement. With such an all-in-one characteristic, Jetpack is considered an alternative for several plugins.


One worth mentioning advantage of Jetpack is that it has good support and issue troubleshooting service. Since Jetpack is based on WordPress, it provides you with a clear interface and easy navigation to showcase data. However, it is a pity that Jetpack does not allow you to view statistics of individual posts and pages.

#4 Analytic Cat

Analytic Cat comes in handy when you seek an initial plugin with the least features and lowest price. It is absolutely free and lightweight with no more than 2 features. This plugin merely adds Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress site without slowing it down.


Besides, if you casually dwell on your own website, your data may become polluted. Analytic Cat can hide the code from the logged-in users to keep your statistics purified. Moreover, you can exclude plenty of user roles from being recorded.

#5 MonsterInsight

The popularity of MonsterInsight is undeniable since it has over 3 million active installs. Similar to other plugins in this list, MonsterInsight integrates Google Analytics into your dashboard to report statistics. This plugin comes with both Free and Pro versions.

In the free version, MonsterInsight adds codes to your WordPress dashboard and keeps your data clean by excluding users. The plugin displays the most necessary stats to help you make decisions and grow your business. However, you cannot view the statistics of single pieces of content.


The Pro version provides you with the custom dimension feature to have reports on page views per author and post type. The plugin automatically refreshes every 60 seconds to give you the most up-to-date data possible. MonsterInsight also supports your e-commerce business by giving you sales analytics through Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.

#6 Clicky Analytics

This is another lightweight and simple plugin for you in the list. Clicky Analytics inserts its own codes on each page of your website to give detailed and comprehensive stats. Integrated as a widget, you can use Clicky to track your campaigns, bounce rates, average time on site, and actions.


Clicky remains excellent thanks to its feature of tracking cookies and users through a real-time map. Unfortunately, Clicky only lets you track a limited number of visits of 3000. To have the same tracking level as Google Analytics with other essential features, you must go with its paid plans.

#7 Crazy Egg

To mention a plugin with a unique feature, Crazy Egg is a potential candidate. It offers you a different view of data such as heatmaps, screen recordings, and snapshots. Those perspectives visualize users’ actions on your website efficiently.


Heat maps indicate which area on the page the users are concerned about and get the most clicks. Screen recording helps you identify hardships that your users may encounter and eliminate them in order to increase the conversion rate. Also, Crazy Egg offers an A/B testing tool to design your page with the right colors, fonts, etc.

#8 Matomo

Formerly known as Pikwik, Matomo is an essential self-hosted open-source statistics option for your WordPress site. It provides you with the necessary features such as stats insights and data protection. Like several plugins in this list, Matomo adds tracking codes and authorizes you to view your data in the dashboard.


With the paid plans, you are allowed to keep an eye on visitors either in real-time or in the action log. Moreover, Matomo has an active support team that is always willing to listen to your problems. Besides, its mobile app also offers a portability advantage.

#9 PDA Gold Statistics

The next one on the list is the plugin that reports on data on a particular segment of your WordPress site. PDA Gold Statistics gives you comprehensive insights on the users, clicks, and expiry of your files’ download links. Thus, you can decide which product and campaign have better performance based on the number of link clicks and downloads.


#10 Password Statistics

The last option on the list is quite security-related. The PPWP Pro plugin password protects your site from posts and pages to the whole site. Its extension – Password Statistics provides users with analytics on password usage.


Let’s assume that you’ve already password protected your private content. Your concern right now is probably the user password access and password abuse. Password Statistics helps you with the real-time report on the entered passwords, content access restrictions, and password data export. As a result, you can take full control over your password-protected content.

You do you!

Statistics is fundamental because it provides everything you need to finalize your decision and grow your business effectively. However, most users find it difficult to manually integrate Google Analytics with their WordPress site. That’s where the WordPress statistics plugin comes in handy.

We’ve shown you the list of 10 marvelous WordPress statistics plugins. Please let us know which plugin you would choose and if there is any plugin you want us to consider. We’d love to know.